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Finally jumped on the Elements band wagon (NPD!)

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  • Finally jumped on the Elements band wagon (NPD!)

    It always takes ages untill I cave for these hyped peds, and I always end up underwhelmed, flipping the pedal within weeks or even days. Catalinbread dls, Suhr Riot, A couple BAT peds, and a whole bunch more... So time I figured I should find out for myself why everyone keeps raving about this particular Dr Scientist pedal. I got it a couple weeks ago btw, so I'm passed the honeymoon phase, even though I hardly ever suffer from that anymore. Posting a pic is a pain with this damn ipad, my macbook's currently in a coma, waiting for a new power supply. But its the copper gears version, I'm sure you all know it. Imo still the best looking graphic, though the original black one isnt too shabby either. Anyway....WOW. Just wow. I hate to make the overly excited review that I normally snuff at, I dont want to sound like a noob defending his pedal choice, only fueling the hype. But even my picky whise ass ears cant find a single damn thing wrong with this pedal. Ive had a lot of pedals that were stellar at low gain, but not so much at higher gain settings, or vice versa, or pedals that had muddy low end but spot on highs/mids, or vice versa....etc etc. But with the elements its hard to dial in a tone I dont like, even if I would try. "Versatile" is such an overused adjective in pedal reviews, and in my experience its hardly ever really justified, especially not in the way that The Elements is versatile. That'd actually be my only suggestion for another 'deluxe'version of this pedal: One with two or three switchable presets, if such a thing is even possible, technnically. For now I settled for two sepeate ones though, the second one should be on its way to me withinthe next few days

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      I dug the Elements when I had it. I prefer the lower gain stuff from it because it seemed to be like an OCD but more versatile. The high gain stuff was nice, especially if I was in a 90's thrash mood. - my band -my label 99 - good deals