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Why does this pedal not get more attention?

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  • Why does this pedal not get more attention?

    Thread 10 of my return...

    I looked at this pedal a while ago, and it got a couple of mentions here but this is nice!

    Maybe the EHX freeze is similar but for less, but for me, this kills!

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    they are kind of hard to come by. Renula and I tried several times but they seem to be few and far between. I always wanted to try one.


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      Cool effect, but the mode switching could have been done wayyy better.
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        Never saw that before. Nice. I might even prefer that tone to the Freeze. But i have a Superego (pedal) and don't think I'll be needing another freezy pedal.
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          I need to do some research and compare the two, see which looks like a winner. My timebender has a hold feature, but nothing like as smooth as the ZCAT

          The site says they are in stock ready to go in black or gold, which hopefully is honest


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            Yeah Joey, that does look cool, although I have not had a chance to check one out either, but if you do compare it against an EHX, I'd suggest the SuperEgo instead of the Freeze.

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              Just watched the PGS superego, I'm not overly sold I don't think. It's very synth sounding, and their attempt at glissando didn't work for me either,

              The freeze wins price wise, but again, not the best sound

              I'll try and watch more vids of them all, because I think the bad points may just be the players in the demos (no offence to PGS as normally the guy is unreal)

              Maybe I'll try and pick up a zcat and post a demo, no promises though, gotta be careful with the pennies!


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                Man, the guy at Prymaxe could make a potato sound great! He does well with the super ego, defo worth checking out if I can find a local shop

                Or any of his demos tbh, all sounds great!


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                  what does it do?


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                    Watch the vid for the soundclips, it'll give you the best idea

                    But basically, reverb, with a hold switch that holds the reverb and lets you play over it. It sounds a lot better than I describe it, I never was a master of words


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                      Meh on the Prymaxe vid


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                        It was great until the drowning cats came in...


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                          The ZCat sounds kind of modulated. I'm sure it's good but I am happy with my Superego. The effects loop and auto mode are very useful features, in my opinion. It's possible to create some interesting effects with the gliss knob too.


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                            Originally posted by joeyowen View Post
                            It was great until the drowning cats came in...
                            He definitely has some nice minor/Spanish style scales down. I bet he has also studied Mark Koffler's style.