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Boss SD-1 after a Pro Co Rat2 as a solo boost?

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  • Boss SD-1 after a Pro Co Rat2 as a solo boost?

    Hey there, for the longest time I've been using a NYC Big Muff after my Rat 2 as a solo booster. I however didn't use it as a clean solo boost, I had the volume set at about 100 the tone and sustain both at 120. My Muff killed over at a show so i bought a Micro Amp to replace it which i didn't care for because all i was getting was a volume boost, and was lacking sustain and the bit of extra grit i was getting from the Muff, the Muff didn't just give me more volume but it took my distortion sound to the next level which i liked. I know that the Muff and Micro amp are very different pedals and I should not have been surprised with the results. I just bought another NYC Big Muff and setting the knobs the exact same way, i don't notice a volume boost at all, if i turn it up any higher i get horrible feedback. I just ordered the Boss SD-1, I hear lots of people say that they use it as a clean boost with the volume up and drive down, but couldn't i leave it a little dirty sounding with the volume up to take my rat2 distortion sound to the next level? I play through a 40 watt Fender Blues Deluxe, and use the clean channel.

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    You sure could leave a little hair on the SD-1. Stacking dirt is one of my favorite things about effects pedals, the others being delay with a switchable loop and synched modulation.

    You might also consider getting that muff repaired. That pedal is notorious for variation even within the same production run, so replacement might not give you the same sound.