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MOD - The first DO-WHAT-YOU-WANT multi-effect pedalboard

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  • MOD - The first DO-WHAT-YOU-WANT multi-effect pedalboard

    Hello, I'm Paulo.
    I work in a Brazilian Start-up company called MOD (Musical Operating Devices) that for the last 4 years developed a new concept of digital multi-effect pedalboards!
    We are very proud of the product we have and I'd like to hear your opinions.
    I'ts a digital processor where you can download and install hundreds of free effects created by a world wide developers community and assign them to the physical buttons in the MOD.
    The effects are LV2, similar to the VST but in open source.
    You can connect them anyway you want and share your pedalboards with other users.

    We will start a campaign at to start our production in the US.

    Please take a look at our website and tell me what do you think about this concept or what can we do to improve the product for the US market.

    I'm writing our release here, ok?

    Digital pedalboards are nothing new: they have been on the market for many years and are widely used by musicians. However, despite being referred to as “digital”, they continue to operate on a fairly analog basis.

    Nowadays, if you buy a digital pedalboard, you have access to a limited number of effects, all produced by the same manufacturer. In order to increase your sound possibilities, you have to buy a new pedalboard or install new effects by the same manufacturer, as the order of the pedals and customisation of the pedalboard controls are limited. The current model requires users to adapt to the purchased product.

    We believe that digital pedalboards should process any type of effect, regardless of the company or person who developed them. We compare the arrival of the MOD with the invention of smartphones, which turned mobile phones into computers capable of performing unimaginable tasks. All this is thanks to the creativity of thousands of application developers, not just mobile phone manufacturers. In this new model, the device adapts to the user.

    We envisage a near future in which the tones, sounds and style of every musician are not restricted and limited to a few brands, but enhanced and limited only by their creativity in combining infinite resources. The MOD does not have its own sound, it represents all sounds.

    We built a pedalboard that is a computer at your feet. This computer is optimised to work with music and has exclusive audio-processing plates, circuits and components.
    The MOD uses the LV2 open standard, chosen because it was developed using open-source software, is established, has numerous high-quality available effects and, above all, due to the vast community of LV2 audio plug-in developers.
    This community is what supports our belief that you can use infinite effects, created by multiple programmers around the world, in a single device optimised for sound processing.

    When accessing the MOD from any device (computer, tablet or mobile phone – regardless of brand), you have access to a simple interface so that you can arrange your effects as you want to, in any order and with as many connections as desired. The installation and connection of new effects are totally intuitive: simply drag and drop a plug-in on the screen and it will be automatically installed. To connect them, just connect the wires, like on a real pedalboard.
    Plug-in installation and sound processing happen entirely within the MOD, so you can leave your computer at home and just take the MOD on stage.

    Since the possibilites are endless, we have invested in a social experience that is totally integrated with use of the MOD. You can share and find other musicians’ pedalboards on the same screen as the one you use to arrange your effects, in literally just one click.
    The MOD also allows users to record a 15-second sample using the pedalboard they have created and share it with all their friends on social networks. All this without leaving the MOD interface.

    The first model developed was the MOD Quadra, given this name based on its 4 foot switches and 4 screens with knobs. Each knob controls dozens of parameters on your pedalboard and each foot switch acts as a button that can switch an effect on or off, or navigate within the pedalboards.
    There are no limits to how these controls can be customised.

    We have an expression pedal that can control any parameter on your pedalboard. You can use it to adjust the pan setting or increase the sound volume, change the delay time, adjust the intensity of distortion or control any other parameter you want. In addition to this, you can use it as a wah-wah pedal.
    In short, the MOD will allow any sensor to change a parameter on your pedalboard. This could be a light, humidity, altitude, pressure or temperature sensor, or indeed any sensor you could imagine.


    Contact me at:
    Our Facebook page:

    If there is any doubt, please, let me know.
    Thanks a lot.

    This is the MOD Quadra. Our first product. Soon we will release our next product (MOD Duo) in the US market through crowd funding at This is the interface where you create your pedalboards. You can share it with other MOD users or load different pedalboards, using our feed of pedalboards. This is our expression pedal. You can control any parameter with it. volume, pan, distortion, reverb, delay. Everything is possible.

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    is this an attempt to raise money?


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      No, no, no. No.

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        Neato. Can you have it plugged into the computer and play with the layouts/controls on the pictures of the pedals while you play the unit? Or can you only interface with the little knob.

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          Which LV2 effects are available right now?


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              If it was a great product they'd be paying for advertisement like a real company does instead of low life advertising on forums, especially this one owned by MF and only having a few posters. .
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                Interesting none the less..... and from brazil.....
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                  Originally posted by goodhonk View Post
                  is this an attempt to raise money?
                  It's Kickstarter. So...


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                    Hand crafted ones and zeros


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                      Hello everyone, as I said, we are Start-up company from Brazil.


                      For the ast 4 years we've being developing the MOD Concept and projecting the first product (MOD QUADRA).
                      We released the MOD Quadra in Brazil on november 2013 and now it's sold out. We will launch our next product (MOD DUO) through a Kickstarter campaign, so, yes, we are trying to raise money to produce the DUO un the US.

                      And WRGKMC if we were a big company we would not be here trying to show you our product. But none of the biggest companies (Line 6, Zoom, Boss, Roland) ever tried to create this kind of product.
                      We have the patent in several countries already and we created an American company called (Musical Operating Devices) to operate from the US after the Kickstarter campaign.

                      WE are very proud of our product, and I'm sure You never saw something like the MOD!
                      The idea that you can install effects from a great community of developers around the world has only been seeing in the mobile market (app stores). And not only sound effects plug-ins. We will have sample sharing plug-ins, collective creations plug-ins, specific plug-ins for school to address the lessons to their students and much, much more.

                      The MOD runs an Operating System (Linux) optimized by us to process sound. It means that MOD doesn't run only sound effects. Any developer can create different kind of plug-in.
                      After use configure the MOD with computer, iPad or iPhone, you can leave the computer at home. The MOD runs all the effects by it self.

                      With the Kickstarter scale and the american production the MOD Duo will come out much better and much cheaper than our first product.
                      Here in Brazil the taxes are so huge that the MOD Duo, if produced here, would cost twice the price we are planning.
                      Check our website to see more.


                      I really like to have your opinion and answer your questions about the product!
                      And Juri, we have already more than 100 free effect to use with MOD, but soon we will also have the Calf Plug-ins (, the Artyfx ( and much more LV2 plug-ins!

                      Any doubt please contact me:

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                        How can this even exist?


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                          Originally posted by Player99 View Post
                          How can this even exist?
                          " "


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                            That you show a parallel amp rig here is badass. If they can be mixed.

                            Originally posted by WRGKMC View Post
                            If it was a great product they'd be paying for advertisement like a real company does instead of low life advertising on forums, especially this one owned by MF and only having a few posters. .
                            So if someone has a great idea, it should just fade to obscurity if they don't have big money? Sounds like to me a formula to keep big companies in the lead.
                            Also products in development I think are allowed here, although these guys may have their sh17 together too much for that.
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                              After debacles such as console and oculus I'm surprised anybody has the balls to even mention kickstarter in relation to their project.