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    This is my new single from my upcoming Ambient album, Shui no, called "Helicopter Yeah."

    I don't use any effects other than reverb, and I used my Fender Strat HSS through my Digitech RP-150. I can't remember what amp channel I was using.

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    you used the rp-150 for reverb? you had some violin type sounds, very interesting.


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      Are you a Tampa Bay Buc? Are you excited to get Josh McCown?

      Will listen after work.


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        Yes, my last few albums have been recorded entirely with my RP-150 into my laptop. I wish that I'd known about it's capabilities earlier in my career. I recorded twenty-eight albums and countless projects with a mic, but going straight into the laptop and Audacity makes a world of difference. The RP has great Lexicon reverb, and I used hall verb for much of the album.

        Buck's Student is from when I was fourteen and enamored with Peter Buck of R.E.M., who is the reason I started playing guitar. I know nothing about sports.

        I've written a lot about Ambient music and how to properly use reverb in that genre on my blog. It's important to not abuse it for the sake of using it. I've always approached reverb as a separate instrument to be played. The guitar has simply become my means of expressing myself and making different sounds. I'm not a traditional guitarist by any means these days.