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DBA Ghost Delay. Opinions?

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  • DBA Ghost Delay. Opinions?

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the new DBA Ghost delay pedal. It seems pretty cool, and I was a fan of the Ghost Echo, but it has been really hard finding any kind of demo video or anything like that online. It came out a while ago and i figured someone would have put up a vid by now, but i havent seen a decent one yet

    Does anyone own one and want to share their thoughts? Does anyone want to make a demo?

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    No experience either, but the yt demo I remember seeing seems to be offline for some reason. Indeed not much else around that gives a good idea of the pedal's capabilities.

    Fwiw, from what I remember it sounded like A LOT of fun. But more so in a drone/experimenta:/noise sorta way, I personally couldn't use those weird effects for 'conventional' riffing or song writing.


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      Yeah I'm really looking for something more along the lines of a noise-maker. I usually end up chaining delays anyway so I figured that this pedal would be a good space-efficient alternative to doing that.

      bump for more opinions? thoughts?