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Amp modeling on the cheap side recommendations wanted

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  • Amp modeling on the cheap side recommendations wanted

    Hi! I am looking for an amp modeling unit for direct recording purposes (not a software), with a nice clean, overdrive and distortion, no additional effects, the cheaper the better. Any suggestions?

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    I saw the vox stomplab ig, Any good?


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      Have you ever tried just plugging your guitar directly into the computer? Just go straight in and record the parts. Nobody really listens to the guitar part unless its really up front anyway so just a flat, dead, direct part will do just fine. Just mix it way back. If you want your guitar way up front, maybe you should ask yourself just who you are trying to impress with the guitar section of the recording, some guitar guy listener with big hair who can play faster than you and will hate your guitar anyway? Just record direct and mix it back and move on. There are more more important things in life that you should be doing. 


      • Phil O'Keefe
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        soapbladder wrote:

        To be serious:

        Two Note's cab sim/mic/power tube plug ownership model has been revamped. For 30 days it's is free, then you can buy cabs a-la-carte for about $8 each. (It is really hard to figure out what is going on from their web-site) I tried it out and it sounded pretty good going straight in using just a Rat pedal. It probably would sound great with one of the cheap/free amp simulators out there and cost almost nothing.


        Tech 21 Blonde (speaker sim OFF) -> Two Notes (Torpedo CAB or plugin) = one very credible sounding amp sim that, with a little ambience added to it sounds very "believable" IMHO. 

        All you need in front of the Two Notes plugin is a preamp of some sort. A RAT isn't the first thing I'd want to try, but if it's working for you, then there you go. Of course, you can run some effects along with the preamp too if you want... in fact, this IS an effects forum, so it's kind of expected...


      • ninjaaron
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        Not exactly "on the cheap" though.

      • Phil O'Keefe
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        ninjaaron wrote:
        Not exactly "on the cheap" though.


        Not too terribly expensive - at least not if you use the plugin. If the Tech 21's too expensive for the preamp, look into a Joyo, or use whatever you have sitting around already.

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      Checkout the Sans Amp series. Or the Boss ME-80 it has amp sims on it as well.


      • The Unknown
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        Sorry for the typos, got problems with my french autocorrect when I type in english, I will correct that !

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      The Unknown wrote:
      Hi! I am looking for an amp modeling unit for direct recording purposes (not a software), with a nice clean, overdrive and distortion, nĂ´ additional effects, the cheaper the better. Any suggestions?

      A Behringer BDI-21 "V-tone" - it's a knock off of the SansAmp, and meets your specifications. It costs about $30 here in the US. Keep the "drive" control turned down for clean guitar tones. 

      This space left intentionally blank.


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        Define cheap. You can score a Zoom G3 Or Digitech RP360XP under $200 new . They have effects, but you don't have to use them and both are capable of very good direct results. Having or not having effects doesn't really affect the price. You can go cheaper by going used  to older models, Zoom G2.1nu or Digitech RP355, wither can be had for less than $100.

        You might also want to check out the Tech 21 Character series or the Joyo clones of them though they're no where near as versitile.

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          The zoom MS-100BT is stupidly good for $150 and you can buy new amp models and effects for $1 or 2 with their IOS app and add them to the pedal. It even has a reverb to stimulate the air between speaker and mic
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            I did all the tracks to this backing track/experiment  from the headphone out jack of a Fender Mustang I. The bass part was done with the Mustang I's onboard pitch shifting effect and a '76 Strat.

            "Stevo Shuffle"


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              I sort of assumed that by "on the cheap" OP meant "cheaper than a POD HD," but you're right; it is cheap compared to most professional-grade solutions.
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