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I am bored at work...what was your first Boo-Tek pedal?


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    My first was a Pefftronics Super Rand-O-Matic. Hell of a pedal. Got good money for it from Losergeek. Now I'm working on getting an HBE UFO in a trade.


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      Zvex Seek-Wah.
      It was exciting
      For sale in the UK:

      Boss RC20xl with custom footswitch: £150
      Zvex Wah Probe (some chips, email for pictures): £140
      Sennheiser MD421: £175


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        If Fulltone counts...... Full-Drice 2

        Sounds nice... can't wait to run it through 18V though.
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          fuzz factory

          Deluxe Voodoo modded dual recto
          mesa standard straight 4x12
          Marshall 1960 classic
          gibson les paul custom(surreal td's)
          57 av ri strat (SD lil59, suhr v60's)
          Robertson acoustic


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            Originally posted by Bruno
            I bought a PE EXP moons ago at a guitar show and the rest is history : )


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              Teese RMC2-first pedal i bought after clearing out all my EHX, Boss and DOD stuff.
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                fuzz factory


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                  Z-Vex Fuzz Probe


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                    Frantone Peach Fuzz
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                        keeley comp, myself. i won it, right here!
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                          Originally posted by metropolis74
                          Sorry I don't think the Sparkledrive is boutique because I own one. If I can afford it, then it is not boutique.

                          just got an OCD. im a happy man right now.
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                            a Zvex Fuzz Factory

                            followed closely by a MonkeyFX MonkeyFuzzle3

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                              A Zvex Fuzz Probe and Lo-Fi Loop Junky.

                              My Gig Rig
                              CIJ Jaguar with T-o-M mod (filed to radius) & AV pups or Gibson SG Classic or Tokai Hummingbird -> custom router (with master bypass and tuner mute): Loop1 = Machine -> Blue Box -> Fuzz Probe, Loop 2 = OCD; then -> Keeley Comp -> SHO -> Isolated Y box -> (Y1) Matamp GTO + Matamp 4x12 (Greenbacks) -> AD900 in FX loop & (Y2) Marshall JCM 2554 + Marshall 1936 2x12 (G12-75s) -> (fx loop) PS-5 -> DeLayla -> DD-5 -> Deluxe Moon Phaser -> Seek Trem -> Lo-fi Loop Junky. Routers by Monkeyfx. George L's cables.

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                              Cubase SX2, Reason v2.5
                              Nord Lead 2X


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                                The first two pedals I ever purchased were a Keeley modded BD2 and his compressor.
                                Ibanez AD99 $100, Moonphasor $200(Trade 4 Univibe?), Addrock Geranium FF $110(Trd 4 Fultone 70?), ZOOM RT-123 Drum machine $95, Digitech Vocalist 300(reverb+efx) $150, New A/B switch box DOD $30. Mesa 50+ Calibre,
                                Looking to Trade for:
                                MicroPOG, OCTRON, Semaphore, SMMH, ScrewdriverTim, OohWah2, Wah Probe, Peppermint BlenderPeach fuzz, lm308 RAT, Harmonizer, Mdeq? , Kinnman Broadcaster pups, Princeton RV,