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i fell in love with this amp at the NAMM show and had to have it


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    Here is a copy of an email I rrecieved tonight from BZ. It provides a little more info on the Projected guitar lineup with more specifics than I had.;

    Hi Bruce;

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      I heard the one with tremolo at NAMM from across the hall and had to come investigate, it sounded so good.

      It seems that abandoned trademarks are ripe for the picking (first Foxx, now Supro) for anyone who has the guts to poach them! Not that I doubt in the least the quality of this amp.


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        how's that for irony i got on a yahoo supro amp bulletin board group which is still littering my spam folder every day

        I got nano 004 at a good price with a micro marshall half stack for the speaker cab for it and a thd hotplate

        its just ironic that i get a nano to cure my supro gas and zach goes and buys a supro this ****************s me up ! I guess the grass is always greener or purpler or what not at zac's house.


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          i like 'em both. 8^) i have a lot of amps. everyone should!
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            more news from Bruce via email:

            Full production for Sahara should start in 4 weeks. We're just awaiting chassis (should be next week), circuit boards, and chocolate Nubtex. And Switchcraft jacks! (I just noticed the NAMM protos have various kinds of Switchcraft jacks harvested from various sources).

            TECHIE CRAP:
            Total (distorted) output power for Sahara is about 24 Watts. B+ is 310 Volts. Screen is even less.

            Yeah, I was surprised, too. Very efficient Output transformer. Lots of interleave and enough iron for 30 Hz response at full power. Tubes should last a very long time.

            Why "25 Watts"?
            With our other amps, power is rated at or before onset of clipping, but not with this one.
            Because that speaker is so efficient, the thing is a lot louder than most people would think. The amp can be used on country and rock gigs with a loud drummer and two guitarists, no problem...

            We are making a 12 Wt single ended 6L6 amp with a 10" alnico speaker that is much quieter (mostly, the speaker), the Model 50 (after the 1937 Supro amp with single 10". I didn't bring it to NAMM because the chassis was too big for the cabinet I made and I was too tired to safely operate power tools to build another. That one was working two weeks prior to the show, while yours and mine were built the Tuesday before the show (We drove out Wed early AM). I should probably re-do the layout to get the thing into a smaller box before we release it.

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              Originally posted by Bruce Bennett
              Here is a copy of an email I rrecieved tonight from BZ. It provides a little more info on the Projected guitar lineup with more specifics than I had.;

              Thanks! Sounds very promising, hope they make it out, and if they can keep them "under a grand" that would be great. Sounds like my main issue has been taken care of too (the neck attachment).


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                Originally posted by zachary vex
                i like 'em both. 8^) i have a lot of amps. everyone should!

                +a bunch!!

                Did you fall from heaven?? Cause it lookes like you really effed up your face when you hit the ground.

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                  This is exciting stuff. I can't wait to try this stuff out.
                  What to do, what to do? My head is exploding!


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                    Check out what I just picked up today (he says, giggling like a schoolgirl):

                    Serial # lucky 013.


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                      Originally posted by zachary vex
                      so i bought it from bruce zinky at the show. it is serial number 2 (although it's labeled 007 because he labels the first two units 013 and 007 for some peculiar reason, probably superstition-related).

                      it came with a super-cool road case.

                      Holy Crap! I don't mean to be a dick about this but I got #013 (in photos) today. Cool


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                        Originally posted by came2play

                        Holy Crap! I don't mean to be a dick about this but I got #013 (in photos) today. Cool
                        So you bought #1 without even knowing it? Awesome
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                          It's weird, I think Zinky used to live in my town and I heard he used to do sound at a club that once occupied the exact space where our music store is now (I work there). I've heard some funny stories about some of his antics in town. The amps we got in had been demos at a local music camp at CSUC and someone from Zinky dropped 'em off for us to sell. Perhaps Bruce himself, but I'm not sure about that. Our store has had quirky luck like that. We ended up having a great selection of all kinds of Mesa Lone Stars & Lone Star Specials in stock right after NAMM, when guys on the internet were saying they couldn't find them anywhere.

                          Anywho, yea, it looks like I got a #1 by the same weird kind of fluke. Or maybe it's just a Chico thing. Very cool!

                          By the way, we have a Zinky 25 watt, 2 channel 112 combo in that sounds killer. It's black. I think street/MAP price is $999. I haven't seen one on the Zinky website yet.

                          Also a 50 watt Blue Velvet 112.

                          Have a good one...


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                            Originally posted by bigtonemusic

                            What is that stuff? It looks so clean. I don't see any cut lines. I must be some sort of moldable material.

                            anyone knows, what the stuff actually is ?


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                              man i can't believe how many people are gassing for an amp that haven't even heard
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                                Very cool amp. I have one of Bruce's 25w Blue Velvets (I have serial number 0123, actually). Grigg from AVA is supposed to bring by one of those Supros for us to take a look at sometime in the next couple of weeks. Maybe I'll end up with a pair of Bruce's amps...
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