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i fell in love with this amp at the NAMM show and had to have it


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    I swear, the best small amp I've ever had the pleasure of playing through was a restored Supro Royal Reverb... was just amazing. Went back the next week to buy it -- but someone else already had.
    Originally posted by delorean

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      Originally posted by zachary vex
      a 15 watt amp could theoretically compete with drums. i have no personal experience with it yet.

      i have a 12 watt mojave coyote that i play through a 1x12 closed cab and it most definitely keeps pace with drums. in fact i'm not even close to half volume and i set up near some LOUD drummers.
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        Originally posted by bigtonemusic

        What is that stuff? It looks so clean. I don't see any cut lines. I must be some sort of moldable material.

        It's possible that it's a spray-on type of finish. The company that makes the speaker cabinets for me that I sell in my shop under the "Union Speaker Company" name has a spray-on finish that looks pretty similar. I know they can get it in black and white, and I'd assume that you could dye it if you started with pure white so that you could get a vintage or off-white shade. The stuff looks really nice when sprayed properly. Then again, the stuff that I've seen of Zinky's has been of a really high caliber anyway, so he's pretty much an artist in that respect, too, so he might just be exceptionally good at cutting and gluing vinyl. Whatever it is, you're right, it looks very clean.

        Zach, man, that's a nice looking amp.
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          Originally posted by zachary vex
          it's part marshall, part ac-15, part champ

          Ooo... Mmmy... Ggggod

          could it be my bedroom warrior's dream ?


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            I must have one.
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              Those things definitely got my attention at the show! Every time I went by Bruce's booth there was a bit of a crowd gathered round checkin em out.
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                Originally posted by The Gainster
                Did Bruce buy the Supro name?

                yes, last spring.
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                  Between Rev's thread and now this one, I'm going to end up dropping $1500-2K by spring.
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                    Nice amp, Mr vex!


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                      Originally posted by Bruce Bennett

                      yes, last spring.

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                        Originally posted by Bruce Bennett

                        yes, last spring.

                        ah very, cool. i was wondering about that too. i've never played or heard one of his amps but i have a cab and it's very nice.
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                          thats cool, but i want Magnatone reissues.

                          280 style.


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                            Now that this Supro is getting the attention of the masses, I recalled a pedal circuit based on an old Supro 16T. It is an amp emulator pedal (basically the designers copied the actual amp circuit and substituted the valves for JFETS, making it possible to cram into an effects enclosure) called the Supreaux by the guys at RunoffGroove.

                            Anyway, cool amp Zach!
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                              Congrats Zach! You and Keeley apparently share a love for Supro's. He snagged one here at a pawn shop -can't remember which model now..but saw this one at Dirk's Vintage Guitars today. Enjoy the new amp!!!


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                                Originally posted by theManfromAlabam
                                Between Rev's thread and now this one, I'm going to end up dropping $1500-2K by spring.