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Just how ****************ty are Walco effects?

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  • Just how ****************ty are Walco effects? 821&rd=1

    These look like the biggest loads ever produced.

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    i bet one of them sounds lik heaven. there has to be one...
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      I've got them all. Actually, the person I bought them from gave me the original sales poster too, so I have all of them in their original boxes on my hallway wall, surrouding the framed poster. I'm quite proud of it all...

      So, there's only two that I've actually used. I've got doubles of the Sustainer and the Booster. The Booster isn't bad at all, except that its made of absolute crap parts. Before I finally put Crispy Cremes in my guitars for solos, I was actually gonna get a bunch of these and use them, instead. Would have been *WAY* cheaper. Understand, though, without work and some parts swaps, they ARE NOT gig worthy. But it didn't sound bad.

      The Sustainer, in my mind, is pretty freakin cool. Its a compressor, a MEGA compressor. Turn it on, hit a note, and you won't even hear anything for a second, its set that high. (there are no controls). Then, it starts to build, and build, and build, and pretty soon a clean amp at bedroom volumes is feeding back!! Its really noisy, but still so goofy and bad that surely there's a use for it...

      But again, unless you're willing to take them apart and put good parts on them and stronger enclosures, they're not gig reliable.
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        The Sound Go Round is cool too. The very percussive tremolo.

        +1 on the sustainer. It is pretty intense.