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Looking for a good, cheap Les Paul Jr. copy...


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  • Looking for a good, cheap Les Paul Jr. copy...

    hey, i'm trying to find a good guitar for my sister as a Christmas present. we settled on the Epiphone Les Jr. ($100 at MF), but we can only find it in black. black is really not her, so i'm trying to find one in red. price is also an issue, but anywhere $150 and under should work.

    anyone know who makes a cheap Les Jr. in red, for about $150 or less?

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    There are soo many fun, cheap guitars at Rondo for around $150.


    For example, this guy is red and $160.


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      Rondo doesn't have the Juniors, and where as i think a full Les is very cool, she's still very young, and a full Les might not only be too heavy for her, but be just too much in general for her. i want to kind of ease her into this thing called "Rock & Roll". i also think that the Jr. is cool because that's what Joan Jett used, although my little sister thinks it's cool because that's what the punk from Green Day uses...oh well, you have to start somewhere, i suppose.


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        perhaps something like:

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          maybe. i don't know how much she's into that type of body shape. i'll have to ask her the next chance i get.

          until then, any other suggestions?