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Good distortion pedal for fist-pumping classic chugging metal?

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  • Good distortion pedal for fist-pumping classic chugging metal?

    Hey, I'm looking at getting a fat stat and dropping some high output passives in there and getting a nice classic metal chug. I want a clear, harmonic, sharp attack with a fair amount of girth to the sound.

    Classic metal along the lines of Iced Earth (ignore the stupid video, listen to the triplet chug that comes in after the singing, the tone is beautiful g )

    or Iron Savior (the intro riff to Time will Tell)

    I believe most of the stuff that I'm after is done with Marshalls. Would a Jekyll & Hyde pedal be able to suffice? Possibly the Boss dual OD pedal?

    EDIT : Also, any recommendations for pickups? I want to try out DiMarzios; Super Distortions good for what I'm looking to do?

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    MI Audio Tubezone and Dimarzio Evolution


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      it's actually done with a larry amp.


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        I actually like the unison vocals in that song.

        Pedalz 4 the m/etal ...

        Foxrox ZIM with a TAR+ or H9 card
        Electro~Harmonix Metal Muff
        DOD FX69 Grunge (if your amp is pretty mid-heavy and lacks presence)

        m/ m/
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          I second the grunge pedal. very tight sound you get there. for pretty cheap.
          65$canuck, ~50$ or so US.


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            Jekyll & Hyde is a great pedal, but might not be metally enough for you. If you can pick up a zoom tri metal off ebay, that would certainly do the trick.
            For trade: I have about 15 feet of industrial velcro, I need one set of George L .155 right angle ends and two sets of George L rubber cable caps.


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              TRI metal
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                DNA Analogic Gain Fxxker.


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                  tri metal +1

                  or the zoom driver 5000

                  Looking For:
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                  Boss DM-3, CE-2
                  Zoom Driver 5000


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                    This pedal may work?

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                      Zoom Tri-Metal!!
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