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6L6's vs. EL84 vs. EL34 vs 6V6 POWER AMP

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  • 6L6's vs. EL84 vs. EL34 vs 6V6 POWER AMP

    Ok due to my **************** up lets do this right
    vote on this thread

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    Originally posted by fusionid
    pick your favorite for power amp section in your favorite loves pedals amp or otherwise favorite amp

    leave message if so desired like

    Ex. I prefer EL84's cuz they handle crunch and high gain better. Loves my muff, etc

    Ex. I prefer 6L6 cuz I like chime and sparkle cleans and I use mainly overdrive boxes.

    Ex. I prefer 6V6 cuz I want to be Jimie

    EL38? Mabye you mean 34. Dont hear to many people using the 38's.


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      oopps yeah sorry
      Strawberry fields...


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        I never really use much more than a light overdrive so I enjoy 6l6 powered amps the most...gotta have those pristine cleans


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          I generally prefer marshall voiced amps with el34's but hey el38's might be even better.
          That’s all right, I still got my guitar
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            6V6/7591As for me - warmth, grind, fat cleans, smooth overdrive...


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              bumply junkie
              Strawberry fields...


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                i rather doubt anyone has made a guitar amp with one of these...
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