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  • Positive thoughts, prayers, energy.


    I just received an email from Mark Karan. Mark is a great guy... I know Mark mostly through emails and a bit of phone tag, but from that I can tell he is among the best type of person out there. I believe that positive energy in any form goes a long way. So lets help Mark and his family in anyway you do. I was going to ask his permission to repost the email but since it is on his front page here it is.

    i have been diagnosed with a cancer of the throat. it's a tuff kind
    to fight. it's a squamous cell tonsular cancer that has metasticized
    into two lymph nodes... and it's stage four. the good news is that
    it's "extremely well contained". everything looks really good for
    getting thru this with hard work and a good attitude, chemo,
    radiation, surgery, accupuncture and any/all other healing methods
    that make sense... we're a-gonna breed us a multi-headed dragon to
    help me thru this thing!

    while i know this to be an unusual approach, i am not choosing to
    perceive this as a battle or a fight... or even to see it as
    neccesarily a "bad thing". i am trying to look at this as the eastern
    medicine people might. in chinese the word for "crisis" is synonymous
    with "opportunity". i am trying to see this as an opportunity for
    growth in my life experience. to do this, i am doing my best to bless
    this cancer and thank it for the "wake-up call" that's demanding of
    me that i make long needed changes in my diet, activity level and
    attitude and begin to truly care for myself... something i haven't
    always done too well. having already begun some of these changes, i
    now feel the message has been successfully delivered and it is time
    for the messenger, the cancer, to move on from where it is no longer
    needed. that is my current mission... to move it out of my body.

    i don't believe it is time for me to leave the planet just yet, so i
    don't plan to. i have faith that i'll be around for a long while to
    come. any thoughts, meditations and/or prayers any of you offer are
    more than welcomed. meanwhile, we're doing our best to stay up &
    positive. it's not always emotionally easy and we haven't even
    started the treatments yet, but i have a LOT of faith that i'll come
    thru this ok... maybe better than ever. it's likely to be a tough
    road for a while but i truly believe this too shall indeed pass and
    that "that which does not kill us makes us stronger".

    meanwhile, i will not be touring this summer. i'll be staying home
    and healing, building strength thru the summer and hopefully back to
    touring w/ratdog again this fall.

    i'd love to hear from any of you although i'm not talking a lot yet
    as they stole one o' my tonsils just so's they could give me the
    "good news".

    we're doing our best to stay up & positive. it's not always easy and
    we haven't even started treatments yet, but i have a LOT of faith
    that i'll come thru this ok...

    drop a line or give a call.

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    positive thoughts and prayers sent.

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      Mark is one of the good ones... his outlook is amazing and I think he will be out playing again soon.

      All my best wishes to Mark and his family!
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        prayers sent


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          Mojo sent
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            Prayer sent for Mark's healing, and his family's comforting.

            One thing that helped the people I've known who have had Chemo is to listen to some mellow music on headphones while they administer it, and in the hospital afterwards. It makes the sickness a bit easier. If you want to pass that on to him, Nic, that would be cool. I couldn't find anyway to email him.
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              Cancers a tough thing,

              my Grandma passed away a few weeks ago from colon cancer.

              I wish him all the best for his recovery.
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