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  • effects power supply question

    Hello all.
    First post on this forum.
    Looks like a lot of solid info.

    I picked up two effects pedals that didn't come with power adapters.

    1.Digitech PDS-8000 ECHO+PLUS
    Bottom of pedal says:"For A.C. operation use a 10V D.C. negative ground power supply"

    2.DOD Gonkulator FX
    Website says "OLD FX series pedals use: DOD PART # PS50
    10 Volt D.C. 150 mA"

    The only DOD PS50 power supply that i found was on ebay but it was "DOD FOR DIGITECH PS50-117 AC TO DC POWER SUPPLY ADAPTER 12V DC 50ma REGULATED".
    Is this the same DOD PS50 that the DOD website recommends for the Gonkulator pedal? Even though it is 12Volts instead of 10V?

    I went in to guitar center and they don't stock 10V power adapters. I checked the older forum threads here and didn't turn up anything, but I could have missed it.

    Both of these pedals will work fine off of regular 9V batteries , so what is the deal with the 10 volt specification. Can anybody recommend a make and model power supply that will work with these pedals? I would rather get a seperate power supply for each pedal than a POWERALL or all in one kind of solution.

    Thanks. TOM

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    sorry i don't know but andreas is the man who knows all about power supplys.


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      thanks raggydoll


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        I would bet that a radio shack 9V adapter with the correct plug and polarity would work. Some of theirs have adjustable voltage and many have replaceable plugs. (Not long on the forum but 30 years in electronics).
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          If it works fine with a 9V battery, then it should work fine with a 9V adapter. I would say it recommends 10V for optimal performance. If it takes a battery then that means the circuit has to be able to function at 9V since there is no such thing as a 10V battery as far as I know. The 9V adapter won't damage your pedal. Just ensure the polarity is correct. This is very important as a reverse polarity adapter could potentially fry your pedals, although most pedals have built in diode protection.

          Regarding the Powerall, depending on the pedal configuration this option might be the most bang for your buck. I've found the Powerall to be very quiet compared to other adapters I've used in the past. It is a switched power supply that doesn't have a transformer, and hence does not have the noise associated with transformers. It also has an internal resettable "breaker" for overcurrent protection, unlike the Ibanez 9V 200mA adapter which I've fried on more than one occasion. The only drawback of this "breaker" is that it cannot be reset manually and it may take a while, but at least it still works afterwards, unlike the Ibanez. But as long as your pedal configuration doesn't have any weird polarity/grounding or overcurrent issues you should be fine.


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            Like Ampegocaster said, don't worry about the missing volt. DOD pedals do just fine with a regular 9 volt DC supply, as long as you get the plug type, size and polarity right. The PDS-8000 shouldn't need more than 40-50mA, and the Gonkulator even less, so you should be fine with just about any power supply out there. I'd stay away from generic multi-voltage/multi-plug supplies, as they can often be noisy.

            What kind of jacks are there on the pedals? If it looks like a headphone jack (mini version of the input/output jacks), it needs a 3.5mm (1/8") plug, with the tip being positive. If it looks like a square plastic piece with a round hole and a pin in the center, it's the Boss standard 2.1mm barrel type (center pin is negative).

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              Thanks to all for your imput. I have ordered a powerall from zzsounds and as soon as it arrives and I've had a chance to test it I will post back here.

              Thanks again,


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                Just recieved the POWERALL today and I got a chance to hook it up. The Digitech PDS-8000 (using 1/8" phone plug with positive tip jumper cable) and the Danelectro DR-1 hooked up fine and work great but I have not hooked up the Gonkulator to the chain because I am not sure if I should use an adapter to reverse the polarity.

                Underneath the GONKULATOR pedal it says "For AC operation use a 10 volt D.C. negative ground power supply."

                Can anybody advise weather this means standard polarity (tip negative) or reverse polarity (tip positive) in which case I have to use an adapter.



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                  how much did you get the gonkulator for?

                  They look awesome
                  check out my sweet dealzzz, I got tons of them


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                    $150 used EVILbay


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                      Can anybody advise weather this means standard polarity (tip negative) or reverse polarity (tip positive) in which case I have to use an adapter.

                      Negative ground is the normal way (battery negative going to ground), which means that the pedal will work in a daisy chain setup. Had it been positive ground, it would have required a separate power source.

                      If the adapter jack is the barrel type (round hole with a center pin), you can plug the daisy chain straight in. Negative ground pedals with that type of jack are (almost) always center negative. There are a few exceptions (Line 6 modellers when run on DC voltage, Maxon AD-900 and a few others), but those are a very clear minority. Usually, there will also be a symbol somewhere on the pedal, indicating the required polarity.

                      If it's the 1/8" type, you already know which converter cable to use.

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                        [QUOTE=Ampegocaster;24130857]If it works fine with a 9V battery, then it should work fine with a 9V adapter. QUOTE]

                        Mine does not work with a 9V adapter, I need to use the stock 10 or a 12.
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                          thanks andreas