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Weekly spam thread 10-15-07


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  • Weekly spam thread 10-15-07

    The single ongoing spam thread was just getting too cumbersome for many users... so again, by popular request, we've switched it to a "weekly" spam thread.

    I will close the previous week's spam thread sometime each Sunday evening / early Monday morning. At that time, the previous week's spam thread will be unstuck and locked. Everyone will be able to still read it as it drops off page one, but it won't be "bump-able".

    Have fun, and I hope you can sell something you don't need, or find something you have been looking for.

    PS I've been getting some comments about the overabundance of OT posts in the spam thread. If possible, it would be great if we could keep this thread mostly on-topic posts, and anything you folks can do to help keep the thread size manageable (IOW, deleting items / posts for things that have sold) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    "Look at it this way: think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of 'em are stupider than that."

    - George Carlin

    "It shouldn't be expected that people are necessarily doing what they appear to be doing on records."

    - Sir George Martin, All You Need Is Ears

    "The music business will be revitalized by musicians, not the labels or Live Nation. When the musicians decide to put music first, instead of money, the public will flock to the fruits and the scene will be healthy again."

    - Bob Lefsetz, The Lefsetz Letter

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    Boss OD-1 for trade. Make me an offer.
    good people on this forum to buy from: themeanreds, the eristic, FLYING V 83(x2), angelhair0, slingshotmb, GRINGO_LOCO(x*), shaun126, Radiohead, lol (expensive amp deal), www.olcircuits.com, TJ000, LWatford-2, shipatsea, cryptic1911, chump5150, gorebuc, 66_skylark, orange worker, bojo, mfergel, vmann, catalinbread, mike.sartori, jbviper4, happydensity, Jim Hunter, BmoreTele(x2), JacieFB, jackpotjewell, veil, kha02a, 9-Pin-Phoenix, Fine_Young_Fool, bvester, KRAA!!, Dolflundgren


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      WTB: Boss PS-3 Pitch shifter / Delay
      Telecaster -> pedals -> Classic 30
      My albums, free downloads! | http://www.youtube.com/martusonline | My Soundclick


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        [COLOR="Red"]Laney VH100R NIB - $1,100 shipped via Postal MO or $1,150 via Paypal.


        [COLOR="Sienna"]Freda Mule 210 - $350 shipped via Postal MO or $375 shipped via Paypal.


        Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet w/Gretsch TKL HSC - $400 shipped via Postal MO or $412 via Paypal.


        [COLOR="DimGray"]ESP Edwards FR120GT w/Coffin Case - $875 shipped via Postal MO or $900 shipped via Paypal.


        I also have 3 gigbags available for sale too.

        ESP Edwards Gigbag (new condition) - $40 shipped

        TKL Gibson Gigbag (new condition) - $50 shipped

        G&L Deluxe Gigbag (great condition) - $50 shipped


        My rig:
        Edwards ELP-112LTS/RE

        Butler Silver Hammer
        ISP Vector SL
        Kafel 412

        List of Over 40+ Good Deals on HC!!!


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          [COLOR="Red"]Line6 PODXT Live w/gigbag - $300 shipped. Excellent condition.

          [COLOR="Red"]EHX Nano Muff - $35 shipped, mint w/box.

          [COLOR="Red"]EHX Nano Clone - $40 shipped, mint no box.

          [COLOR="Red"]Toadworks Deathrattle I - $150 shipped, mint w/bag.

          [COLOR="Red"]BOSS BF-2 Flanger - $60 shipped, ok condition, beat up but works.

          [COLOR="Red"]MORE TO COME

          My rig:
          Edwards ELP-112LTS/RE

          Butler Silver Hammer
          ISP Vector SL
          Kafel 412

          List of Over 40+ Good Deals on HC!!!


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            alesis ineko... rock your balls off good...

            plus lo fi in sig

            pm ...as I can't check this thread as pics load super slow currently on my comp...
            FOR SALEBruno Royal Artist 12 string hollowbody $525Tapco 6000R spring reverb mixer


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              Ive got a CMATmods Brownie BSIAB that I might want to trade for another distortion. No clue as to what, but gimme some ideas.


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                Good deals with:
                SKAB, GRINGO LOCO(x2), crimson on pink, theweight, 88mm, PurpleStrat(x3), VicShat, JDandCoke, dmtnt, comfortablynumb(x2), Filter428, plecoman, murch33, ck3, FLYING V 83, jedd, fusionid, cdawzrd, sa1126.


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                  Voodoo Lab Superfuzz: Not totally sure I want to sell this, but my Monsterpiece gets all the fuzz duty since I got it. $70

                  MSD Silver Machine wah: Somebody buy this. It's cool, you want it. I suk at using a wah, so I don't need it. $170 + ship

                  SIB varidrive. Comes with old stock 12AU7 and without all the dust in the photo: $210 + ship. I bought another one and I don't need two.

                  Mosrite Ventures '67
                  Dearmond M-77t
                  Squier MIJ tele '86

                  SF Vibrolux
                  Ampeg gemini II
                  Ampeg V2
                  Traynor YBA-1 '69
                  Traynor YGM-3 '69
                  Ampeg V4 4x12


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                    Hey folks. Thought I had a buyer but he flaked out. Selling my Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser in great shape (I removed the feet and put on velcro but other than that, it's in great shape). Amazingly thick and deep phaser with some vibe/trem type sounds as well. And it sounds sooo good in stereo too. I love it, but I need to get some cash.

                    $200 shipped (usps money order preferred) - the only trade I'm looking for is a Line 6 Tonecore Verbzilla, but try me with anything else if you'd like.

                    PM me

                    my band


                    (for fans of Counting Crows, U2, Radiohead, Elvis Costello, Foo Fighters, Our Lady Peace)


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                      Digitech Whammy 4 $145 Money Orders only or trade for analogman juicer or ross or delay, zvex sho or bor, or maxon vintage series phaser or chorus, boss rc-2, pedalpad, or pedaltrain juinor or original pedaltrain w/ hardcase or something sweet.
                      Good Transactions: Used 666, homestar_kevin, arcarsenal72, orange worker, orangesix, DeuceII, JmanX, frankiej, friction, myTakamine, jimihalen


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                        Marshall Supervibe $45

                        Marshall Marshall Regenerator RG-1 Chorus/Flange/Phaser $65

                        Crybaby 95Q (like new) $75

                        Digitech Grunge $35

                        Digitech DF-7 Distortion factory $50

                        Catalinbread SCOD (used) $120

                        DeMarco Klonebender $75

                        George Dennis Ping Pong Tremolo GD-125 $100

                        Fulltone Supa-Trem $135

                        Indyguitarist Indy Guitarist Vintage Overdrive $50

                        Jacques' Stompboxes Trinity Filter (used for about 1/2 hour) $150
                        Axe...and You shall Receive Inc.

                        I Buy, Sell and Trade all sorts of gear. You can email me trade ideas of any kind.


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                          HOLY STAIN
                          CLONE THEORY
                          (trade small clone plus $35? Otherwise, $80ish?)
                          GREAT condition cheap multi-fx
                          (and only for the right price. think rp250, g2.1u, etc.)
                          Verbzilla/Nova Reverb/Reflector/whatever
                          I'll definetely trade up (pedals plus cash) for any of these, or go straight cash for any but the reverbs (may be exceptions for the right one that's not too expensive).

                          I'll trade - Boss PH-3 Phaser, Digitech XP400 Reverb, EHX Small Clone, and possible some others, but that depends on the offer.


                          Small Clone- $60
                          XP400 w/ power supply -$90 (a deal can be worked out if you don't want the power supply, but it was a pain in the ass to get and I might need it for something I might buy from a friend)
                          My Label (currently still in its very early stages)


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                            Want to trade my Sobbat Phasebreaker 2 for/towards a Skreddy Mayo or a ZVex Seek Trem. Other trade offers are welcome too. Will sell for $150


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                              Looking to trade my echo park and de-7

                              what you got?
                              "A noble spirit enbiggens the smallest man"

                              WTB: Tortoise shell pickguard for MIJ Jazzmaster

                              good friendly transactions with: inscho, gringo_loco, the weight, flying v 83, imunderused, spaceshot, PeelingPaint98, vigor&kandor, shaun126, themeanreds, keithcar