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  • wah to volume pedal mod

    i made a mistake and posted in the DIY thread, no one was in there. anyway, is it possible to convert a wah, gcb-95, into a volume pedal?

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    I didn't tried it.

    from : http://homepage.ntlworld.com/s.castledine/greenfuz/wah.html

    Wah-Volume pedal mod
    Lifting the earth connection of the 4.7
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      [COLOR="Red"]Lifting the earth connection of the 4.7


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        found it. snipping now.


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          I made this a while ago.

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            You can lift the 4.7uF cap, which will make the wah pedal raise/lower the volume instead of moving the wah frequency up/down. But it will not be a very good volume pedal - the volume doesn't go from fully off to fully on, but rather from "some volume" to "quite a bit of volume". Plus it does still change the sound a fair bit - it can't exactly be accused of being transparent...

            If you want a volume pedal, there are excellent ones around. The wah -> volume "mod" is really more of a trouble-shooting description (as in "my wah started acting like a volume pedal - what's wrong with it?") than a viable/usable mod.

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              just as an fyi, when i did this, with the heel all the way down it's not completely silent in volume mode. you could get around it by adjusting the pot, but then in wah mode it will be too bass-y with the toe up.

              you should try it though, it's pretty easy.

              edit; andreas sort of beat me, but you get the idea.
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                thanks, it worked. i had an extra wah laying around so i thought it would be fun to try. is there anyway to make the volume cut out completely?