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Quantum Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal - Tony Levin/Roine Stolt


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  • Quantum Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal - Tony Levin/Roine Stolt

    Take a look at this one...


    Used by Tony Levin on the latest King Crimson tour and Roine Stolt on the latest Flower Kings tour.


    Tony Levin (King Crimson, Liquid Tension Experiment, Peter Gabriel, etc.)

    As a bass player, I'm very particular about how fuzztones work with my sound, and have only found a few through the years that I could work with. So it was great to find that Acoustic Imaginearing's QuantumDrive fits the bill just right. A very cool, well designed effect.

    Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, Kaipa, The Tangent, etc.)

    I will certainly give it a spin at my coming recordingsessions as well as live. I can already hear it doing some of that Fripp/Hackett over the top dist sounds that my other pedals cannot

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    Your spam. I frown on it.


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      Your spam. I frown on it.

      Originally Posted by Naterel

      Dear Liev,

      I went to see Richard The Third starring Kevin Spacey at the BAM theater last night and you were there, I waved and said I loved you in Phantoms. You did not wave back or acknowledge me, I thought we were homeboys but I guess not. Also you're much shorter in person.




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        c'mon now, what other effect do you know of that uses quantum mechanics tunneling?


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          Why not hang out here, post some threads about the sort of things we talk about (buttsecks, fraudulent trades, general bull****************), get people to think of you like an actual person, then spam your quantum-some****************-drive?

          You'll find it works better- ask duderanimous, letsgocoyote, devi etc...


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            I thought we were here to talk effects, didn't mean to offend anyone. I will be hanging out here. I am an actual person ... or am I?