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I got one of those Nigerians to send me a fake check (Pictures inside)


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  • I got one of those Nigerians to send me a fake check (Pictures inside)

    I've been listing a lot of **************** on Craigslist lately and have gotten TONS of those stupid scamming emails and decided to give one of them my address and a fake name to see what would happen. Turns out I got a check for $3500! Here is the email I got from the dude today to let me know there is a check on my front door.

    Hello ,
    How are you today? I Just to keep you update that the payment has be delivered to you today via UPS As soon as you have it, take it to your bank, deposit it and withdraw the shipper fund and $100 for the troubles and send the balance to the shipper through western union money western union location in your area.

    Afterward i will require the following info from you....

    1. The name and address of the sender.
    2. The amount sent. (After deducting the transfer Charges).
    3. Mtcn number (10 digit number on the western union receipt)

    Please deduct the transfer charges from the amount you want to send to
    the shipper ..kindly get back to me asap.Go to western union store
    with cash to enable you make the transfer . I will await your response asap.

    I don't have the original email because I must have deleted it but it's just one of those typical emails telling you to cash the check, deduct shipping and handling charges, take a bit more for myself, and send the remaining amount back to him. Haha what a joke, like I'm going to fall for that. I can't believe they actually went through and sent me an obvious fake check. This thing feels like it was printed on Xerox paper for crying out loud. Oh yeah, I also don't have any fear of him coming to get me because I live in a busy area and my apartment complex is completely gated off.

    To prove I really did get the check here are the pictures:

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    Originally Posted by Brave Ulysses

    i'll have you bounced off of this site.

    Originally Posted by Echoes

    I say this all the time....today's 'liberals' are small minded 'trolls' ....scumbag immoral low life thieves really...

    Originally Posted by John Ellis

    While you're here, can I ask why you haven't dealt with the thread claiming that I and several others here are sponsors of terror?

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    Try to cash it

    ✌ ♥☺


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      seanathan haha


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        That's a Southern California US bank routing number... At least one part of the check is real...
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          The man has a nice signature at least.
          "Semolina pilchard, climbing up the eiffel tower.
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            i got one of those once
            but it came in a ...plastic envelope
            came with a letter that had copy marks on it. i lol'd
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              Haha i did this once. It's laying around here somewhere for like $4000
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              You mean did I preform oral on her? No way bro. We just made out, then I fingered her, then she blew me, then I told her I had to do homework.

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                Frame it.
                several thousand dollars worth of gear and about five bucks worth of playing


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                  Take it to a ****************ty part of town and drop it outside a 7-11.


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                    check cashin place


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                      What are you looking for?


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                        I can't stop laughing.

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                        Is the name of the company Melon?
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                          God I hate these people. This is a reply I got about a guitar I'm selling, I gave the guy a chance and this was his reply:

                          I have instructed my assistant to send out your payment as soon you provide your full name,phone number and address. I can only pay via money order as am on business trip now,the money order is going to clear from your bank before the pick up. Please let me know where to send your payment to because i would'nt want to lose it to someone else. I dont mind adding fifty dollars so you can keep it in my favor. As for the pick-up, I already have an arrangement for that.Hope is in good condition?"


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                            I've always wondered if they actually send someone to pick up the item or do they just tell you to mail it when it comes to it?


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                              your name is Bob Jakubowicz?
                              Originally Posted by EL KABONG

                              On Mayers playing... I think he is writing to try and impress the wrong kind of chicks. He is writing to impress the Jennifer Anniston, Paris Hilton crowd. Anniston thinks his music is seriously "intense" so its working. If you think about it we're all just trying to impress the chicks. I think I write or play to impress the hot cool hippy chicks not mega millionaires actresses, thats why he sounds plastic.