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  • Thurston is kvlt and trve

    Who knew Thurston Moore liked black metal? Dude is a walking encyclopedia of music (and probably unintentionally responsible for a LOT of hipster douchebaggery).

    Anyhoo: http://decibelmagazine.com/Content.aspx?ncid=305305
    Originally Posted by lucid origami

    I'm literally typing things on this internet box and I don't even know what they mean. What is this tube thing and how did I get here?!?

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    Holy crap, he's into Black Metal for almost all the same reasons I am.


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      Any time I get an opportunity to read an interview with Thurston Moore, I take it. He's just plain awesome.
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        that was great, im not a SY fan but i like thurston..hes cool
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          I love thrash/speed metal from the 80's I dunno abouts the black metal/death metal whatever you wanna call it(I'm trying to listen to some ol skool Death) but I also love the angry driven sounds of hardcore punk and even symphonies use atonal chord passages or harmonies(ala flat fifths) that can showcase your emotion and feelings.

          One of my fave bands of all time uses them in their grande finale.
          Not to mention when I was a little kid I was facinated by the dark, evil sounding ominous gospels in the movie "the omen".

          hence the name Diabolus_in_Musica

          -Klon centaur clone
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            "I was into certain things, like the first Burzum record. I remember buying that in Scandinavia after I
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              I enjoy some death metal, but black metal - I dunno, I understand what Thurston is talking about, but all the coldness and detachedness kinda puts me off, but seems to attract him.
              In my book, angry and emotional stuff >>> cold and dark stuff. Like, I'd rather listen to Slayer than Gorgoroth.
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              Originally Posted by Drifter182

              whenever I see one of these threads I pictures Phils face at the back of a dim-light bar slamming his empty glass of gin and coke a bit loudly on the table muttering something about "....stupid band, always giving me a headache with thread titles....." he wipes his lips away in disgust and quietly walks into the night, wishing his Class 5 had black tape on it.


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                Thurston's into whatever will get him attention and make him seem like an expert. I've been a Sonic Youth fan forever, but that guy really gets on my nerves.
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                  A friend showed me this a few weeks ago.
                  I like his attitude towards black metal and it's actually a really well written/conducted interview
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                    This makes me like Sonic Youth even more.
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                            Thurston's into whatever will get him attention and make him seem like an expert. I've been a Sonic Youth fan forever, but that guy really gets on my nerves.


                            Im a HUGE sonic youth fan. They have influenced me beyond words.
                            Thurston always seems strategically into whatever will make him seem knowledgable.

                            There is no black metal nfluence from what I can hear on their new record as he suggested. Just gotta get the young sipper snappers interested me thinks.
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                              Thurston often purposely ****************s with and gives mis-information in interviews... and then it is great because you see how lazy media then repeats it Like the "trilogy" of new york albums they were releasing

                              But as far as knowledge regarding music. he is probably a savant with that stuff so it just absorbs as a sponge. I am that way with retro video game knowledge. I know **************** about Capcom Disney games that I never even played because it just soaks in when other people talk around me about it, or if I wikipedia trainwreck into some info...
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