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  • Auto wah v envelope filter

    What is the difference between what an envelope filter like a Maxon AF-9 does and an auto wah like a Mad Proffesor Snow White?
    What would you rather have?
    Which would be more versatile?
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    I don't think there's any difference- it's like "echo" and "delay"- same effect, different name.

    Which would I rather have? I don't actually want either, so I'd have the Mad Professor pedal so I could sell it


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      i have a prometheus, and certain settings are auto wah, and others are various filters.


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        Usually auto wah is a wah effect that oscillates at a given rate. It's like going back and forth on a wah pedal at a certain tempo.

        Envelope filters will act like a wah that is cocked back (low frequencies) and shift to higher not by tempo but by the volume of the notes you are playing. Really funky sounding (I mean that in a good way).

        In this case, the two pedals you listed both fall under the envelope filter category. There are some envelope filters out there that have an auto wah setting.
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          Yep, autowahs are modulated by an LFO-- ie sweeps like a regular phaser of flanger. Envelope filters are filters modulated by an envelope created by your playing dynamics, and sculpted with the onboard controls. Envelope modulation can be applied to other effects, ie Polyphase and EP-1 which have LFO and Envelope phasing modes.

          The main difference between something like the Mad Professor and Prometheus VS Maxon AF-9 is that the MP and Prometheus are ota filters, and the Maxon is an optical filter. Ota filters are often found in synths, have faster envelope response, and a whispier/paper sound(still fat), for lack of a better term.. spacier sounding. Optical filters like the Mutron/Qtron/Meatball/AF-9 etc respond a little slower, are gurglier and funkier, etc.
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            i had a af9 it was great got it for 15$ in hiroshima, the store guys thought it was a noise gate.

            i currently have an aria auto wah from the 80s, its cheap and plastic and sounds like heaven, but its NOT an autowah, its an env filter..
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              i always considered auto wah and envelope filter the same thing because it automatically kicks the wah up or down when you would normally do it as a human being with the real thing blabla

              the LFO thing i like to call modulated wah