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Compressor before or after wah?


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  • Compressor before or after wah?

    I'm setting up my pedalboard and the chain rules are pretty clear about distortion/od before modulation before time, but for the life of me I can't decide on the order for the wah (Teese picture) and the compressor (Retro-Sonic). I've switched the wah and comp back and forth and both can sound cool by messing around but I want the best setup. I also have a Digitech Whammy and a QTron I need to fit in there somewhere and don't know where. What order do you guys run these in and any background or suggestions as to why. Really appreciate it and sorry to beat a dead horse if this has been covered before. I'm new at this.

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    I always have my wah last.
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      I always have my wah last.

      Ok. I tried that but everything sounded like a bowl of oatmeal. Any more suggestions?


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        when i had my wah and DR Q I ran it like this

        Ns2 IN
        Ns2 Send
        Snarling Dogs Whine-o+ Wah
        DR Q
        Behringer Phaser
        Micro Pog
        English Muff'n
        Big Muff Tone Wicker
        Stereo Electric Mistress
        Ns2 Return
        Ns2 Output

        so basically run your wah straight after the compressor, but then put the q-tron after it, ive never used a whammy so im not sure about placement of that.

        apart from tht, thats how id do it

        (my current chain is in my sig, as it is now, i occasionally put the wah after the comp, and before the worm)

        hope this helps
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        Originally Posted by Clewsy

        I like that. As it loads, it's like a strip tease in reverse.

        Gets me all tingly down there.

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          I put it after because my Dunlop wah tends to lose some volume since the sweep isn't as smooth. I also put if after whenever I use my Ibanez WF-10 since there's a volume boost. I use it to tame the wah.
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          Originally Posted by nutstae

          i actually do own ernie ball vp jr and i really didnt notice the tone loss before

          but after I read about that tone loss, i could actually tell the difference

          Originally Posted by Husafreak

          My bottom is not tight enough


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            It may be interesting to put it before as it could possibly push the wah a bit and may result in some interesting toanz
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              I prefer compressors after filters generally, though exceptions occur. I like the way compression smoothes out the extremes. My ears don't need to be assaulted all the time.


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                I'd put it afterwards to compensate for volume changes with the wah.
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                  I prefer comp after wah because it tames the high volume quack. That said, however, if you like both ways, why not grab a "Flip Flop" or similar pedal that can give you both wah>comp or comp>wah?

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                    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.