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gibson sg 61 reissue


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  • gibson sg 61 reissue

    Buy now for 900 to my hand?

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    Would take it. And put a Maestro on it.
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      I'd hit it.

      That's a pretty good price.
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        Oh **************** I just relaized I actually posted this. Lulz. Drunk at the bar with the internets
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          I like that one b/c it has the skinnier neck (right?) I had an SG standard and it was nice, but I'm so used to the thin neck on my Ibanez AS80 that I couldn't gel w/ the SG. Also, I put Gibby Classic 57s in the Ibanez and it sounded great so the SG seemed like overpriced hype. I sold it and have no regrets.

          My friend rocks the '61 reissue and he's really happy w/ it.
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          Everybody stop hurting dap99's balls.


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            Why is it not in your hands?
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              Why is it not in your hands?

              Well banks are closed for one.

              Second. I thought it was an sg standard. And 900 is overpriced imo. So.

              Ill check the books. I might be owning an sg soon fellas.
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                My main gripe with most Gibson SG's is that sharp block like neck heel.

                If memory serves me right, the 61 ri has a much more comfortable/shaved down heel.... like the Epis.

                I'd go for it!!
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                  always make sure you're okay with how the guitar balances, especially with SGs.
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                  I wish I could go back in time and punch Floyd Rose in the face.


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                    this. vs this..

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                      get a jr. or nothing. don't be a pansey.
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                      I suppose a 1 channel amp would be good if you listened to only one kind of music.

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                        I like the one with the bigger pickgaurd.
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                        TEH DRUMZ ARE CLIPPING WTF

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                          SG's are a real man's guitar. No matter what model, you cant go wrong
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                          I can alternate pick like a mofo, and it has nothing to do with practice.

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                          My kids are older now and have all shot hundreds of rounds thru my shotguns and handguns. They know how to use them and I'm not worried about them playing cowboys and indians with them.

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                          you know whats classy as ****************? ****************ing your wife in the ass and telling the internet beforehand!


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                            idk there is something about the 61 that is slightly erection inducing
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                              if it's a 61 RI I'd definitely get it.
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                              strtdv has wisdom.

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                              Oh crap. The key just cae loose off y laptop keyboard.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm Okay, it's fixed now.

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