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    but im far from an expert


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      MXL 990 out of all the ones I've used.

      I really want an Electro Voice RE 20 though


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        414. They are simply amazing.
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          Rode NTV - for vocals (mine has a 1957 Mullard ECC83 valve)
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            Neumann TLM 103. Absolutely want one, they sound so good on everything that's put in front of them.
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              Roger 121
              Neumann U67
              Shure SM7B
              Coles 4038
              Neumann U87

              I had a 414 and didn't like it too much. I've used all of the above in the past.
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              I demand a phaser during slow parts too. It's a pretty solid show business decision.


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                the original rode classic is pretty damn nice for guitars and vox.


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                  Neumann TLM 103. Absolutely want one, they sound so good on everything that's put in front of them.

                  Gahhh! There are soo many mics out there that kill the 103 in that price range. The 103 would be a great mic if it cost about $300 IMO.
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                    this baby

                    my uncle owns the ultimate though

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                      I love my Green Bullet, but don't think I could use it as my only mic.
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                        Right now it's my SM58 but that's because I picked it up off CL last week for $15 including a mic cable.
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                          Right now it's my SM58 but that's because I picked it up off CL last week for $15 including a mic cable.

                          You could make an entire album with a few 58's.
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                            I love pencil condensers. I have neumann km84 and km184, akg bluelines and a bunch of Oktavas. With pads they are great on drumkits for snares, toms and overheads. Great for acoustic guitars. Not as common on electric guitar, but I like them a lot. Anything you want to record with some room sound, like violin, extra percussion, background vocals, etc..


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                              Love this mic!! It's the JZ BH-1 (the Black Hole). Incredibly clear and articulate...I use in on voice, guitars, xylophone, everything really!! Really makes everything sound like it was meant to as opposed to coloring everything.
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                                SM57 is like the McDonald's of mics.

                                I try to tune my sounds to the response of an SM57 because every venue I play at as 'em; any studio on the planet does as well. That saves me a lot of time and saves my nerves too, because I suck at making tones on the fly.

                                Plus I find it a good sounding mic overall.
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