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gig-fx pedals? what say y'all?


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  • gig-fx pedals? what say y'all?

    think theyre sturdy enough? I do like the wah....
    OTHERWORLDLY. Psychedelic, Noise, Shoegaze.Joey Levenson on SoundCloud

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    OTHERWORLDLY. Psychedelic, Noise, Shoegaze.Joey Levenson on SoundCloud


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      Phil O'Keefe wrote:You can never have enough cheese, son. Write that down.gear.


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        i've heard the Chopper is really good and i'd think they're sturdy

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        doesn't everyone have a psychedelic dungeon?

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          I had a Pro Chop. Seemed sturdy enough. I wasn't crazy about the optical exp. pedal (or whatever it's called). The price of new ones seems a little high to me but I suppose it's not too bad considering they are fairly unique pedals.
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          I have been forced to register after years of lurking. This is truly epic.

          I'm from Waukesha, currently living in Milwaukee. Where does this **** live??

          I want this to make national news.


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            they are awesome pedals, but the main problem and the only problem i have had is that the expression pedal part will hit the optical lens and it wont turn off. i had to mess and tighten the pedal a bit to fix it.