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    I'm playing a strat going through 5 Boss stomp boxes when I play my solos with my guitar volume turned up all the way I get the crunch, punch, distortion I want but when I need to turn down and go back to playing cords I lose that sound and it just sounds weak dry and blah. Any ideas, someone told me to get an amp with an effects loop input, sounds like an expensive fix.

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    I'm surprised you have any thing left at all thru that many bosses.



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      First off, what guitar, amp and pedals?

      So you like your sound with the volume up for the solo but not when you roll back the volume for chords? If I'm understanding what you are asking an effects loop has nothing to do with it. When you roll back your volume you will loose some of the gain going into your distortion pedals and as a result cut some highs too.

      I think what you would need is an EQ, volume or boost pedal. Set up things to sound good like you like it and use the boost/eq/volume pedal to raise your volume to solo level.


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        If I'm understanding what you are asking an effects loop has nothing to do with it.

        Both of these depend on where the dirt sound is coming from.

        If the amp is getting the sound you like, then running something like a volume pedal in the effects loop will allow you to cut back on the over-all volume level without changing the sound. If you are getting dirt from pedals only, you should be okay putting the volume pedal between the pedals and the amp input.
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        i am dumber now for joining this board. you guys are pretty ill informed on technology of pedals.


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          500k volume pot+treble-bleed cap.
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              if you like riding your volume knob, I would add a fuzz pedal that cleans up well. I'm using a Monsterpiece NPN and a BYOC Leeds Fuzz, both clean up extremely well without losing any top end or presence. I run them into a Boss SD-1 which adds some mids and I'm good to go.
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