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is there a blend pedal that will mix a straight signal with a pedal in a fx loop


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  • is there a blend pedal that will mix a straight signal with a pedal in a fx loop

    im thinking about experimenting..so a blend pedal with an fx loop.

    so I want to shoot a straight signal through and blend in any amount of chorus, flange, whatever so Im guessing the loop pedal will need an fx loop.

    thanks all
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    Bargeconcepts VB-JR. Amazing quality, does it's job perfectly. The innards are a work of art.

    It's pretty much essential to my entire rig now.

    Problem is it might be iffy to find one now since Barge has apparently gone MIA
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      Morley FX blender can also do that.
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        Boss LS-2?
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          Boss LS-2?

          yeah i like the LS2 for mixing two loops, not sure if that's what your after though
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            Xotic X-Blender?
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                I think this is what you're looking for:


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                  i think toneczar has 1 as well
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                    Morley Fx blender. Wounded Paw made a similar design in a smaller enclosure. (I have the Morley, it works great, but it's bigger than a boat)
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                      a volume pedal and a lil creative connecting can do the trick.
                      you just need to be able to handle 2 outputs.
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                        LS-2 for non-boutique


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                          i've had the Barge Concepts VFB-2, has the single fx loop with a blend knob but also has a variable feedback control in that loop aswell. you would probably like that a lot Seif, but for simplicty i'd like to get a VB-jr if they came up.

                          on the cheap, i got one made by www.this1ismyne.com - it's a guy who hangs at the TGP forums mostly (although he has posted here before) and does custom loopers and expression controls for DL-4 and whatnot. very cool, simple, sturdy and cheap alternative.

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                            This is the exact pedal you are looking for:


                            It's the 2nd pedal listed on the page.
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                              This is the exact pedal you are looking for:


                              It's the 2nd pedal listed on the page.

                              that could be it thanks dude.

                              xblender looks good too
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