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  • Ipod remote in footpedal

    Hi there - I am wondering if its possible to house the controls for an ipod remote inside a simple footswitch. I would like to be able to control the 'play/pause' function via a footswitch but I don't know how to build one.

    Its one for the ipod classic which you attach to the headphone jack not a wireless one like you can get now.

    Anyone know if its possible? I'm guessing its just a soldering job....

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      Er... thanks.

      Anyone else?


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        Originally posted by Anderton
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          Genius idea
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            worth a shot. go buy one of those headphone jack remote things for like 20 bucks, open it up and look at the pcb. you might be able to solder some leads from a pedal housing to that...not sure it it would work though.


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              probably just the matter of putting it in an enclosure with a couple momentary switches.

              But yeah, just rip one apart, and see where the switches connect to.


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                I guarantee Tape could do it.
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                  I guarantee Jesus could do it.
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                    Shouldn't be too difficult. As said above, it would just be momentary switches.

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