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Question- bypassing amp preamp using pedals

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  • Question- bypassing amp preamp using pedals

    So I just bought a Tech 21 Liverpool and wanted to test it out immediately, so I took it home and plugged it and my guitar directly into the return jack of my effects loop, bypassing the amp's preamp. Sounded great. Played it that way for the better part of an hour last night.

    Since the Vox amps have a history of not playing well with pedals, I thought I'd try pedals into the Liverpool. Thus I hooked up my MI Audio Blues Pro into my M9 and then ran that into the Liverpool and into the effects return. I was shocked to hear a huge volume loss and an incredible high end rolloff. Is this an impedance issue?
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    If the Liverpool played nice with the effects loop return when you had only the guitar plugged into it, the problem isn't between the Tech21 and the amp. So it's either the M9 that doesn't like the Tech21's input (or vice versa), or the Blues Pro that doesn't like the M9's input (or vice versa). Try adding one pedal at a time (i.e. first go guitar->M9->Liverpool, then add the Blues Pro in front of the M9), and you should quickly see which one's the problem.

    Also, check the M9 - does it have instrument/line level (-10dB/+4dB) switches? If so, it should be set to "instrument" to work with the Blues Pro.

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