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I'm about to get some monies... What to do w/ it?


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  • I'm about to get some monies... What to do w/ it?

    I got a new job which I start in a month. My old job will give me a check for the vacation time I've not used. Said check should be about $1,200 USD. Teh wife gave me permission to do whatever the hell I want w/ it. I figure I'll put it away and save it towards something awesome. As the poll indicates, here are the thoughts I'm having:

    1. New computer dedicated for recording
    2. A high quality acoustic guitar
    3. A second amp - like a Matchless or Dr. Z
    4. An Axe FX
    5. A really cool Looper pedal
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    Everybody stop hurting dap99's balls.

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    None of these above. Buy pedals from me cause I want your monies...
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      You can have a pretty sly iMac for that much.


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        I didn't see an option to send me the moniez.

        So i voted for a new recording compy.
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          I have a Matchless and a Z so I voted for that one heh
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            If you don't own a decent acoustic, get one, that's more important than anything else on there.
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              If you don't own a decent acoustic, get one, that's more important than anything else on there.

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                Is that $1200 check reflect consideration of taxes? If not, put some money aside for your tax bill. With the rest I'd probably get a nice acoustic. There have been some really nice Breedlove models I've played for about $1k.
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                  I'd advise a SAL buffer.....

                  .........would I ****************! Home recording comp/set up would be good I think.


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                    i voted axe fx... need to save up for a good rig though if you don't have a nice power amp/ full range speaker. i would definetly go ultra version over standard
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                      acoustic is the most fun on that list
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                        (not to be a bully, or anything like that, but a good hollow body electric will do the trick too...)
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                          I'd take a Martin 00016GT (my personal favorite martin. I play it everytime I got the guitar store.

                          But yea, I'd say acoustic. Recording computer is a close second.
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                          TEH DRUMZ ARE CLIPPING WTF

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                            Monday bump
                            Originally Posted by christianatl

                            Everybody stop hurting dap99's balls.


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                              Spend it on your parents and loved ones? -ducks-