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    Aren't you guys curious to see if he can actually build a working speaker cab before you ask for one?


    i am pretty handy though. the tolex is the only thing i'm worried about.
    Originally Posted by Naterel

    Dear Liev,

    I went to see Richard The Third starring Kevin Spacey at the BAM theater last night and you were there, I waved and said I loved you in Phantoms. You did not wave back or acknowledge me, I thought we were homeboys but I guess not. Also you're much shorter in person.




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      i want a 16x12 and is it free shipping to Sweden right for second item ?
      ill take a set of strings then as first item if u have any for sale
      Originally Posted by lefort_1
      What really alarms me is: my daughter is now older than the age I think I am.

      Lovetone Big Cheese
      Lipo batteries for rc-car, preferably 2s


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        PM me fer sure if you do get these up and running, I'll buy one in a heatbeat. I just got an Orange 2x12 and it's awesome. I wanna make a halfstack with 2x12s, it's either yours or an Avatar for the other one, keep us posted.
        These are things you want to buy or trade from me:

        DOD 250
        MXR Classic Distortion
        Morley Pro Series Wah
        (Maybe)Nano Holy Grail

        Overdrives and comps are what you want to give me.

        Originally Posted by p0lymath

        And the only reason I know this is because I was in his closet masturbating.

        PM me if you wanna trade your RC-2 for my friends DL4