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  • Prince-Albert-in-a-can

    you better let him out
    Originally Posted by Naterel

    Dear Liev,

    I went to see Richard The Third starring Kevin Spacey at the BAM theater last night and you were there, I waved and said I loved you in Phantoms. You did not wave back or acknowledge me, I thought we were homeboys but I guess not. Also you're much shorter in person.



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    i was told exposing it too soon risks infection...
    Originally Posted by cryptosonic

    Sixteen buttholes, eleven dicks, two dozen vaginas and multitude nipples. Sex parts as far as the eye can see...

    Originally Posted by TravvyBear

    Ever took a ****************, then looked at it and realized you could take that much dick?


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      Well usually one would use a more comfortable vessel to contain the blood, like a rubber glove, but yeah.
      My response was to haul out the big guns. Actually, it's my policy to leverage the big guns exclusively. I had a few little guns for awhile, and I sent them back. "Won't be needing these," I said.


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        Great reverb tones
        GOOD DEALS WITH : Kayzer; JorisBlack x ∞; neoflox x ∞; deviever

        Originally Posted by Goldenglove:
        Mojo not needed. A gun, however, would be nice. Or a baseball bat.

        Originally Posted by TravvyBear:
        You mean did I preform oral on her? No way bro. We just made out, then I fingered her, then she blew me, then I told her I had to do homework.