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  • The bear has moved in.


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    Cool digs bro. I miss living away from home. Have fun with it.
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    Originally Posted by Kid_A


    Originally Posted by ben_allison

    Tubes are electronic devices, not incontrovertible truths that hold the Universe together.

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      Nice! In the process of moving in myself.
      Originally Posted by Brave Ulysses

      i'll have you bounced off of this site.

      Originally Posted by Echoes

      I say this all the time....today's 'liberals' are small minded 'trolls' ....scumbag immoral low life thieves really...

      Originally Posted by John Ellis

      While you're here, can I ask why you haven't dealt with the thread claiming that I and several others here are sponsors of terror?


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        why are you the bear?
        I didn't come here to save whales, I came here to get laid and make rock 'n' roll


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          yeah no offense travvybear but you're more of a travvytwink
          Originally Posted by Naterel

          Dear Liev,

          I went to see Richard The Third starring Kevin Spacey at the BAM theater last night and you were there, I waved and said I loved you in Phantoms. You did not wave back or acknowledge me, I thought we were homeboys but I guess not. Also you're much shorter in person.




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            Needs some paint and gay porn posters.
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            Originally Posted by Goldenglove:
            Mojo not needed. A gun, however, would be nice. Or a baseball bat.

            Originally Posted by TravvyBear:
            You mean did I preform oral on her? No way bro. We just made out, then I fingered her, then she blew me, then I told her I had to do homework.


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              wow - that room is impeccably clean.


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                keep us updated on every event that happens in your life

                we want to know


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                  Need a double bed
                  my band Bloody Mammals on facebook and bandcamp


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                    Need a double bed


                    I can't believe you have that huge room - huge house even - and didn't get a double.

                    Get rid of the TV, you don't need it with the interwebs and get yourself down to a furniture shop.
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                      Yeah, that huge TV has to go.
                      my band Bloody Mammals on facebook and bandcamp


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                        keep us updated on every event that happens in your life

                        we want to know

                        Emphatically this.
                        Originally Posted by EL KABONG

                        youd be suprised ive seen pics of a chick with a huge apple stuck up her ass.


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                          keep us updated on every event that happens in your life

                          we want to know

                          meh, just update us when you start bangin' sluts on the dock.
                          MAN for that kind of thing U got to go Back to the Old boxes from back when!! In those days we would bring are AMPS to the lake and wnen U tilt the Cab down by the water U can see the ****************in DENT it made! With the waves coming off it and Everything ****************!!!!! NOwadays they all play in there Dens and home bars or watever kind of **************** they get up to


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                            expect me to pop in and leave a smart ass remark in every thread. It's just "what I do." And for some reason it doesnt seem to get old to me. Unless, of course, its a thread on the superiority of the trip rectro. if that's the case, I'm serious business.

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                              i swear to god i have that exact same tv stand!! :eel:
                              put tv in your living room to play vids with the real bear of a man who you live with. see:

                              or get a lcd tv.

                              nice room tho. you pick the color to match your guitar?
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