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    Originally Posted by B.Renegades

    I suppose a 1 channel amp would be good if you listened to only one kind of music.

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    how can he play with that 5 pound chain on his wrist?
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      "It's got a line output that sounds exactly like it does with a mic on it".

      Pardon my skepticism, but until proven otherwise to me, I call Blarney.

      Cool sounding clip, and nice playing... but I have to say - he's got rather unusual looking playing technique. It obviously works for him, so I'm not trying to be critical - just commenting / noticing.

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        It sounds great. I went to destroyallguitars.com and they don't have it listed.

        I'm guessing it's going to be more than I can afford though.
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          Is the reverb coming from the amp too?
          Music n such


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            Solid state, yes?
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