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How do you feel about pedals with (ridiculous) waiting lists?


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  • How do you feel about pedals with (ridiculous) waiting lists?

    I'll admit
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    I don't do it. I have in the past, twice. Once for a Skreddy Top Fuel. By the time I got it, the gas had passed, and I really didn't think it was all that great, certainly not worth both the time and coin. Also was on a wait list for Aquavibe. By the time my name came up, I really didn't have the funds, and I had a vibe I liked just fine, so I passed. Now, I just won't do it. Most waiting lists (not all, but many) = high cost pedals, and I won't really do that anymore either.


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      I waited about 5 months for a Skreddy, 2 months for my Fingerprint, and about 2 months for my Cosmichorus. All three took a little longer than I was initially told it would take, but I'd say all were worth it.

      I really don't have a problem with waiting lists. If that's the way a small builder wants to work, fine. I do have a problem when they want full or partial payment up front though. I've seen too many builders up and disappear or projects take far longer than promised to go in for something like that.
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        well, i would never pay for anything and then wait for months.
        having a wait list that you pay when your name comes up is fine.
        also, most of the boutique builders with the big lists are 1 or 2 people making pedals for a ****************load of people.
        and if they have more than 1 kind of pedal that they offer I can see them building in small batches to attempt to keep everyone happy.
        I mean, you know when you get into it how long its going to be.
        so i guess it's a take it or leave it situation.

        people do have lives too. I'm sure even the more successful pedal builders don't JUST build pedals.
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          I was on the list for a Timmy and by the time my name came up I didn't want it anymore.
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            i was on the list for both of the penny pedal pedals when the guy disappeared. i tend to shy away from stuff with wait lists because they are usually really expensive and the dollar is **************** right now and most the stuff i want is from overseas builders and i'm worried that if i get on a list, by the time my name comes up the pedal will be $200 more because of bad exchange rates.
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              i love them, they are my favorite
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                Never been on one.

                I think some of them are a tad silly (is the KOT that good?), but if the pedal were good enough I daresay I could do it. I'm not all that fickle with my effects buying and I'm not a hoarder. I have phases of liking a particular set of effects because I'm listening to a particular band/bands (Pink Floyd/David Gilmour at the moment), but I buy pedals for long term use, and more often than not incorporate them into my sound in ways that I would never have thought of before I bought the pedal. I tend to make things work for me rather because I don't have the money to buy lots of gear....
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                  I was on the waiting list for a year for my Ethos... i bought one used a few days later...

                  bought my list one when it came up figuring it would be cool to have two... then realized it wasn't 500 bucks cool and flipped it for a big profit.


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                    timmy for me. I think it was worth it--but I don't think I'd wait more than 6 months...I'm on the list for a Tim now.
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                      Money up front, no way. Name on the list and then pay or pass when your name comes up, alright.

                      I've got a Tim and a Timmy and got both from Paul, well worth the money and the wait. I'm on the Openhaus list right now and have been for... a really long time, hoping my name will come up soon.

                      I have mixed feelings on the nature of waiting as such; but, the history of music is absolutely filled with "premium" products made by genuine craftsmen who you would petition an instrument from and then wait sometimes years and years to get it. So it's hardly anything new. But still, if you're just making rock and roll, you can probably do it just fine without waiting around.
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                        I feel fine.
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                          I'm on the list for a Skreddy Screwdriver Deluxe. I'm happy to go on the list as I made a decision at the start of the year to buy some of my favourite pedals from new thus rewarding the pedal builder financially rather than shelling out on the second-hand market.
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                            Money up front, no way. Name on the list and then pay or pass when your name comes up, alright.

                            I meant to say this too.
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                              Waiting 6 months for an amp or guitar is worse, I've been there for both. Longest I waited for a pedal was 7 months (skreddy echo), it totally slipped my mind that I even ordered it.