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  • Becuase I only have two feet

    Hello! I make extensive use of a pan pedal - panning between a clean set-up and an effects laden one. I pretty much ride the pedal during performance as we play a very nuanced, textured kind'a groove (think a more subtle Daniel Lanois). For the effects I play through a Roland Jazz Chorus (love it or hate it) and use a momentary switch to add the built in Chorus. I only use it sparingly for added emphasis and I like the musicality of using a momentary switch (the chorus only stays on for as long as my foot is pressing on the pedal). So here's my question/problem: The chorus sounds lovely but it causes a slight dip in perceived volume. As I only use the chorus for emphasis and it is only on sometimes for a second or two there is no time to use a volume or boost pedal. Is there such a thing as a momentary switch that can also boost volume. A strange beast it would be I know. Another option would be a chorus pedal with a volume control that also had a momentary feature (though I suppose I could work with a latched pedal).



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    Did you check inside the chorus pedal for a volume trim pot?

    LOL, just reread the post... I still wonder if there's a way to tweak the chorus circuit within the amp.


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      I can't think of anything that does exactly that, I'm afraid. The new EHX 'Killswitch' pedal might be the ticket though, if you bought a chorus pedal to go in the loop...
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        Use separate chorus or contact Roland for advice.
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          TC Electronic builds a wonderfull stereochorus named "Corona". You can use the pedal latching so it is only active when you press the footswitch.


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            The problem is the pedal you use to turn on the chorus has nothing to do with the guitar signal, it just turns the chorus on and off, so there isn't really a way for it to control the volume of the signal.
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              The chorus needs to be preset, preset the chorus, done. ?
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                Just get a TPDT momentary switch and DIY. I haven't thought too much about this, but you might be able to pull it off with a DPDT.

                Edit: Yeah, a triple pole, double throw will work. You need to determine if the current switch makes connection to ground or breaks connection to ground when pressed. If it makes connection to ground see below, if it breaks connection flip pole 2 and pole 8

                1 = jumper to 3
                2 = send to ground
                3 = jumper to 1
                4 = audio signal IN
                5 = Chorus footswitch cable
                6 = audio signal Out
                7 = Loop Send
                8 = Open
                9 = Loop Return

                1 2 3
                4 5 6
                7 8 9
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