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effects loop problem with fender tweed blues deville and loopers<helpme!!!!!>


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  • effects loop problem with fender tweed blues deville and loopers<helpme!!!!!>

    ello all!

    well i posted this on the zvex forums http://zvex.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4621
    and zack is usually fast to my replies, but i guess he is busy right now and i impatiently want an answer so i know what route to take.

    the lo fi loop junky is absolutly my favorite pedal. i use 2 of them in my rig at the end off everything < last 2 things in the loop>
    now my exact pedal rig has been used on multiple amps with no problems.
    for whatever reason in the effects loop of the new tweed fender blues deville the lflj start button on both pedals makes a loud horrible pop even at low volumes < loud like omg my speakers > the record switch is silent, and every other zvex i have in rig is dead silent. but for whatevr reason the start switch on both lflj makes a loud horrible noise. loops still engage but with a loud boom starting them off. when i put the lfj in front of the amp it has perfect operation. but they are useles to me there seeing as my delays and modulations and what not are in the effects loop. ive been using these pedals in effects loops perfectly for 4 years now so im distraught.
    i have used a fender deluxe deville and no probs in the effects loop ethier < i thought blues and deluxe shared the same effects loop but guess not?>

    so i need the loops at the end of the effects loop. are the lflj not ment for older fender tweeds and i need a new looper would some sort of a buffer placement help? is the effects loop bad?
    i just need suggestions

    without the lflj i feel lost : (

    ty for any comments

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    I don't know much about this stuff but I think this has to do with the true bypass switching. IIRC you can add something to the switch that reduces it (1 resistor I think) though I don't know how.

    If you put a buffered pedal, maybe a tuner, at the end of the chain does it stop the problem?


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      i wish i could say i knew : /
      only non-tb pedal i have is digitech w4

      im trying to figure out if i need to order some from T1M


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        bump for help


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          1. put in bypass looper
          2. get a boss pedal and stick it in end of chain, like TU-2
          3. wait for andreas to respond
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            1 wouldnt work because i press record and then stop wihile playing the lick thats getting looped, so when i hit record again and stop playing the loop picks up continuously
            number 2 and 3 sound good!
            and suggestions are a help guys!

            i might have to find a tuner today,


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                If you dont have a buffered pedal, use a TB one but turn it on. Just to test it.