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OT: 80's Cartoon remakes (some are better than others)


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  • OT: 80's Cartoon remakes (some are better than others)

    I know, I know.. off topic

    First off is the new Voltron Force... ugh

    I feel like my childhood was just raped repeatedly after watching that.

    But this... This is so much better. I'm actually excited about this -

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    Youtube links zcat...

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    Originally Posted by IRG:
    "reunula speaks the trooth"


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      Youtube links zcat...



      Who can we get on the horn to fix this?!?!?!?!??!?! GAH!
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        My wife is all excited about the new Stroumphs movie.


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          voltron and thundercats sucked anyways.

          kidd video is what i want to see.

          one sneeze and i'll save you.


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            What about that TMNT remake from a few years back? That abomination was beyond terrible.
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              voltron and thundercats sucked anyways.

              I... I, just don't know what to think of you right now.


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                I love the original Speed Racer cartoons, but my kids love the new one.

                BTW, new Star Blazers coming by the end of the year!
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                  voltron and thundercats sucked anyways.

                  This. If i wanted to watch transformers with cats i'd throw a my ****************ing Sound Wave figure at my domestic shorthair and let her bat that bastard around for 22 minutes


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                    It's like every remake is made into the same exact cartoon. Bad voice acting + overly dramatic dialogue for the story. They need to just come up with new good ideas, not make watered down "hip" versions of old cartoons.
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                      Another 80s kid here (born in 74, re: Star Wars->GI Joe->Transformers/Voltron, some He-Man thrown in there as well, and oh my the awesome Saturday morning cartoons that stemmed from video game characters)

                      I used to want to be an animator, so I still love cartoons and catch what I can to maybe keep myself from growing up fully or remember part of my youth... not sure which.

                      Anyways... One thing I can say for some of these remakes is that the animation is gorgeous is a lot of them. Quite a step up from what we had in a lot of cases, whether you like character design updates or not.

                      I am finding the GI Joe Renegades to be intriguing, because of how different it is than what we grew up with on either the cartoon or the comics (was a big fan of the joe comics). I think that if this is what we had back then, I don't know if I would've liked it, it would have been to slow-paced and small scale. It's got this weird almost Lost like thing going on with it or something, because it's almost like it's a precursor to what we know... like they are building towards something. Maybe that's why I'm intrigued as an adult. Doesn't tie in with the movie of a few years ago, or any other series I'm aware of, and the origins are slightly different than any of the established ones.

                      Oh and the Resolute Minisode Series that came out a couple years ago on AdultSwim also interesting, tho I'm not a fan of this style of animation for these characters.


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                        I like the new GI Joe cartoons better than the old cartoon. My only complaint on Renegade is that the whole "wanted, accused of a crime they didn't commit" plot is too much like the A-Team. Otherwise it's pretty good.


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                          I was rather shocked to see a trailer for a movie based on rock em sock em robots the other day.
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                            Hey I was born in 74 too! I grew up with G.I.Joe(comics and cartoon), Voltron, Transformers, Thundercats, G-Force, and Robotech. So despite myself, I can't help but get excited when I see the remakes. Although usually it ends in failure. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know about the Resolute and Renegades stuff. I actually prefer the style of Resolute more though.


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                              i LOVED KV as a kid. I taped all their songs with my tape recorder. i would wait in anticipation until the tune played at the last minute, loved video romeo and easy love.

                              im sure a modern version would make it like american idol or something.

                              and theyre redoing TMNT , AGAIN!
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