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    I got a scratchy snatch a while back, took me quite a while to warm up to it but I like it quite a bit now as a low gain broken speaker always on type sound...anyways do all the pedals sound pretty much alike or are there others I should check out?

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    I only have one (a Mk II), but it's a fantastic pedal, and based on what I've heard / seen / read, they all sound different, as you would expect.

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      I have a 2-headed monster that has the SS and CL. They sound pretty different, and wonderful when stacked.
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        Do they do a GE FF one side, toneBender other?


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          Do they do a GE FF one side, toneBender other?

          This is in no way speaking for Dudiranimus but IIRC he will combine anything in his current line that you want.

          As far as his fuzzes go I have and really dig his Classic.

          Great builder and great guy all around.
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            Do they do a GE FF one side, toneBender other?

            Yes, I used to have a Classic / MKII. 'twas awesome
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              Owned Classic (germanium FF) some years back, was very impressed with the build quality as well as its sound. Too bad I'm not really a Fuzz Face guy...

              I'm interested in his Klon clone though. Hmm. It's funny no one complains about it. Remember that JHS guy got "pwnd" pretty hard on this board a while back for making a Klon clone? I'd like to try Richard's out regardless. No goop, no hefty price tag, and top notch build quality.


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                Check out the AD2000 Monsterpiece it's a winner!