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ibanez ad202 and other rack delays, tell me all about it.


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  • ibanez ad202 and other rack delays, tell me all about it.

    i'm thinking of going rack for delay and verb for multiple reasons. anything in particular i should look for or avoid?

    i've heard clips of the ad202 and the modulation delay sounds amazing.
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    I've got one. Have had it for years... It's very versatile, and simple at the same time. I've used it as an instrument at shows. It's very musical sounding.
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      I had a Roland SDE-330 that I first bought to use with synths (prior to playing guitar). I sold it because I needed the funds to start a pedal board. Had I not needed to do that, it would have been worth keeping. It sounded really good. It was a delay, but you had 4 and 8 multi-tap delays, pitch shifting, detuned delays, chorus and flanged delays, inverse delays, etc. You have to do some menu diving, but it's not hard to edit. I bought and sold mine for $100.


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        I love the AD 202. I used to use a Roland 201 Space echo but the tape kept jamming on me. I replaced the Space Echo with the AD 202 and now prefer the AD 202 over the Space Echo.
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          AD202 is king of the delays
          plug into one of those and all the 919's and Skreddies will be a joke


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            I'm still sad to this day about the Roland DEP-5 that got away from me when the CL douche stopped replying to my emails. It has such killer reverbs and you can do delays as well.
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            I think the project is interesting as ****************. ICP are always reinventing and redefining what it means to be dohp as ****************.

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              well it looks like i know what i have to do.
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                the ad202 is one of the best delays ever made

                one of the last pieces of gear i could ever see myself getting rid of


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                  so what's the best moderately priced rack verb. i need stuff with big huge verbs akin to the m9's cave verb. alesis? roland?
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