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affordable small practice amps?


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  • affordable small practice amps?

    i have the worst amp in the entire world for practice at home. i would like something better. something that sounds passably decent and will accept fuzz and distortion pedals. my current practice amp is a kind of broken piece of **************** crate amp that i got for less than $50. it's been okay for just practicing and trying to write songs, but almost any pedal i put in front of it turns to complete unusable mud. my at home practice pedal that i use with it is a metal muff. i hate that pedal, but somehow i can dial it in so that there is a listenable dirt sound. on a normal amp the way i have it dialed would be an earsplitting shrill, harsh nightmare. but it's the only thing that's not really quiet and muddy on this amp. i don't get it. don't even care anymore.

    i want something that sounds okay and on which i can use pedals that i like. i have lots of cool dirt pedals that are not on my board for my band. i would like to be able to enjoy them at home. and i'd like to be a little more inspired by the sound when writing songs in my room. i'm not looking for an amp that i would ever gig or record with. i have two beautiful 100 watt vintage marshalls for my band for occasions where it matters. i don't have a lot of money to spend on my home setup and it would be dumb anyway, 'cause it's just for noodling around in my room. i'd love to spend $200 or less. solid state is fine for this. tube would cool, but it's not that important.

    any suggestions? are the epiphone valve jr's okay? anything else comparable? thanks.

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    I've seen Egnater Tweakers for around $300, if you'd be willing at all to slightly expand your budget; and those are great, high quality amps, not 'I'm settling for a bedroom amp' stuff.


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      are those two channel heads? i really don't need one. i'm happy with a single channel that'll take a dirt pedal. i know a lot of people like those, but i'm totally happy to settle for a bedroom amp. i really don't need to spend more on more amp than i need. thanks for the suggestion though.


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        EDIT: Ninja deletion, sorry.

        Acoustic AB50 is $150. It's a bass amp and I played it with bass, but I'm sure it would probably work for you. Go to a local Guitar Center, check it out.

        Another one to consider, the Fender Frontman series. My friend had the 15w one, I think. I never thought it sucked, but I never thought it was great either.


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          HA HA. i see your deletion and i match it with my own! thanks.


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            are those two channel heads? i really don't need one. i'm happy with a single channel that'll take a dirt pedal. i know a lot of people like those, but i'm totally happy to settle for a bedroom amp. i really don't need to spend more on more amp than i need. thanks for the suggestion though.

            It's a single channel 15 watter. Admittedly sounds damn good and takes pedals well.

            A small Acoustic amp like Moustache said would probably be perfect.


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              There are a few little single-ended 5 watters out there if you want tube (like the Champ 600). And hybrids like the Champ XD. And solid state/modelers like the Vox Pathfinder and Fender Mustang. Lots of options under $200. I have a Mustang III, which is a bit more, but if the cheaper models get anywhere near it, they would probably suit your needs. I'm very happy with mine and it handles pedals just fine.
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                Jet City or VHT. Those would be my suggestions. I'd probably lean towards the Jet City. I haven't heard anythng bad about them. I own their 4x12 and have a friend with their 20 watt head. He digs it and it sounds damn good. I have heard they take dirt pedals as long as you aren't diming the gain on them.
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                  i got my blues jr for $300 a few years back. loved that little amp

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                    Can you play a bit loud at home? Loud meaning louder than your TV set.

                    For that price range I would check the VHT Special 6.

                    Good deals lonk


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                      i have a line6 spider2 15w at home, it self sounds nice, with the different setting, but putting a fuzz or overdrive in front of it makes him troubles. its only useable on clean, when the pedals them self sound like you want them. adding more gain/overdrive to the modelled gain amp is mud again

                      i would also recommend one of the 5w tube combos, but be aware those are not bedroom amps


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                        Peavey Bandit. Cheap, reliable, get one with the Scorpion speaker installed. Good headroom and takes pedals very well. I picked up two for about
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                          I had one of those Vox AD Series modeling amps for a while and thought it sounded great, and ideal for "bedroom" level playing. I see them used all the time for between $100-$150.

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                            Fender Mustang II?

                            meant to sound good ad you get all the digital wizardry there too.
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