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    I took my Casino to band practice today - the first time I've ever used it in a band setting (I've always been afraid it would feed back too much). I was kind of surprised by how poorly it performs for a lot of songs - it is absolutely exquisite for some songs, but just doesn't sound right for others. (I play a lot of jangly pop songs.)

    Another complete surprise is how well my Rickenbacker sounds with everything - I was expecting it to be more like what I got out of the Casino, but it just sounds great with just about everything (much like my telecaster).

    I never would have described a Rickenbacker as being versatile (I guess because of how cramped the neck is), but it really is a great sounding guitar.
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    rickenbacker is a nice guitar you say, interesting
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      I wish i could use multiple guitars for a set as some guitars work better for certain songs.
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        Cruel cruel lessons- gear sounds different in real situations.
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          Cruel cruel lessons- gear sounds different in real situations.

          Yep - it's funny how opposite it was from my expectations, though. I knew my Tele would be a workhorse, but I really thought the Ric would be a one-trick pony, but it is actually pretty close to the Tele in terms of working for everything. I thought the Casinoe would be more versatile, but difficult to work with because of feedback - it actually was pretty easy to manage the feedback, but it just did not work in songs that I thought it would kill on - like Lemonheads songs . . . go figure.
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            better casino is needed.


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              Yeah. I currently use three guitars in my sets. Preacher for most normal songs, Harmony H804 for when I want something a bit different (tuned EADEBF#), and my parts Strat (single P-94 in bridge, just a volume knob, tuned all E's) when I want to do crazy things and don't feel like actually playing guitar.

              Eventually probably going to get to the point where I'm going to have a different guitar for each song at this rate.

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                I've found the same thing with my casino. It sounds great at home, but it doesn't sit in a band mix all that well. I think its the pick ups, they just aren't versatile.

                Great for swampy overdriven sounds, but it doesn't have much jangle to offer.
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                  I was actually surprised at how much i don't like the sound of gibson and epiphone hollowbodies in general when I finally got to play some. They sound muffled and dark to me but strangely not that resonant either.

                  I, too, find a Ric works really well in most situations. So does a Strat or Tele.

                  Honestly, whenever i go to a concert I tend to have trouble hearing gibsons (especially SGs) through the mix while fenders are easy to hear no matter the model.


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                    thats what i like about les pauls. mofos just sound right to me in pretty much every scenario.