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If you had to have 1 METAL axe, what would it be?


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    I suppose the Fireman is alright for metal.

    but common.

    It's all about the PGM200.

    I'd actually rock that too.. haha!
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      What are the details on the single humbucker ESP that you have?

      You've posted a photo of it in the past... it's my answer for this thread. That thing looks great.
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            Explorer with bkp's.

            There are some that call me... Morningstaru?


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                Probably a 7 string with a nice gaudy finish, something like this:

                must have points but not be too pointy...


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                  Probably something like this:

                  Because it's made of aluminum.

                  Paging Mr. Adrian.


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                    If I had only one guitar for metal it would be a Les Paul Black Beauty because it would be cool while playing metal and even cooler after I grew up.


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                      I'm completely unmetal, but i've always thought those charvel san dimas models were really cool.
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                        Les Paul Custom Silverburst, EMG pickups, like my pals in Mastodon. (although in this pic, Bill's LP doesn't have EMG's, although I think he's using them now.)

                        The flying V silverburst is pretty cool too:

                        He has EMGs in one guitar from an interview I read.

                        For me, it's by my SG standard or Prestige Heritage stnd

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                        I used to have a brass pick, but I stopped using it. After using it, my fingers would smell like i fingered a Terminator and I just couldn't get past that. I'm a ****************ing weirdo, I know.

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                          Oh, a Blackmachine B7, no question. Every other metal guitar just seems like a joke in comparison.

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                            Had my dream metal guitar and foolishly got rid of it :

                            Loaded (piezo) Ernie Ball John Petrucci 6. I had the 7 which was equally as amazing :

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                              Ibanez Ninja

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                                Had my dream metal guitar and foolishly got rid of it :

                                Loaded (piezo) Ernie Ball John Petrucci 6. I had the 7 which was equally as amazing :

                                I had a BFR7 come in on trade for pretty cheap, ****************ing killer guitar but it came in as I was still paying for my Suhr. Didn't last long and the guy who bought it ****************in hated it and got super pissy when we wouldn't pay return shipping for him to return it. The whole time I was dumbfounded that he could say it played and sounded like ****************!?11
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