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If you had to have 1 METAL axe, what would it be?


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    The styling on those Petrucci guitars is pure dullsville.

    Works for me...

    It isn't my favourite superstrat design by any stretch (I think that would have to be the Suhr Modern), but it's a nice take without being overly pointy. I like the headstock too.
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      Dean ML. Like Dimebag played. Except with a fixed bridge.
      Originally Posted by guy in my avatar

      If I were going to start drilling these days, I'm going to use the same resume Skeel jazz or precision bass, one for competition 800RB and Peavy 410 TVX cabinet.


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        Ill take my Peavey T25s.

        Its best to surprise them when heavy music comes out of an unassuming guitar


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          A reverse iceman.. what is that called.. the guitar Paul Gilbert uses? I'd probably rock that outside of metal as well.
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            Monson Guitars.


            That's how I roll.

            Also one o deez

            Kind of want a tele too, though.

            Originally Posted by misterstomach

            I'm more concerned that people **************** their pants and cry when i play than i am that it sounds good.


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              Peavey t60.

              **************** emgs.
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                A reverse iceman.. what is that called.. the guitar Paul Gilbert uses? I'd probably rock that outside of metal as well.

                I suppose the Fireman is alright for metal.

                but common.

                It's all about the PGM200.

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                  I would use this


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                    I have one guitar I use for heavier stuff (punk, hardcore, some metal) an Edwards (ESP) Viper. I can't really see myself getting rid of it, plays great, could use a neck pickup swap though.
                    Looks like this, but with dot inlays and a XL-500 in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan (not sure which) in the neck.


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                      Peavey t60.

                      **************** emgs.

                      Great minds.


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                        Originally Posted by Crxsh

                        Jesus loves a tasty muff.

                        Originally Posted by Urinate Forever

                        And wiklund is smart, i'm in agreement with him.

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                          Probably something like this:

                          Because it's made of aluminum.


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                            any ibby prestige or jackson soloist will do if i have need for shred.
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                              Probably something along these lines:

                              Dennis has/had one like this, I think:

                              Old school picture FTW!

                              Thats my Jackson COW, its still the best low budget metal axe around and slaying the ESP MI which i have sold a year ago or so...

                              ...other than this, you know that i love that damn teslas
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                                the one on the far left would be used to smash during the encore

                                Any of these would do, although I prefer the higher-end Mockingbirds and not the el cheapos.

                                Hamer and Dean Explorers would do too... it probably would all come down to whatever neck I liked the feel of the best.

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