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NS(tuff)D. And a question about split signals.


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  • NS(tuff)D. And a question about split signals.

    Just scored a Sole-Mate Jr, and T-Rex Chameleon. The Jr sounds wonderful. BUT... Something i've noticed initially is that it doesn't work properly IF i have it sitting in a split signal. Before i had my chain going...

    Guitar > Pitchblack > Strymon El Cap (Left Out) > Volume Pedal > Surf Rider Reverb > Fairfield Four-Eyed Fuzz > Diamond Trem > Boss RC-3 (Input A) > Amp

    And the Right Out of the El Cap goes directly to the RC-3 (Input B). So i keep the larger chain of pedals quiet with the volume, and bring them in as i like. Worked perfectly before. Now, not so. When the Jr isn't running in a split signal, it works completely fine. When it's split is barely audible, and seems real muddy. But it's only this pedal.

    Any reason why this might be? Would an Ernie Ball 6165 eliminate the problem by panning between the split signals, opposed to a volume pedal?
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    Maybe one of the chains is reversing the phase and causing some cancellation?


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      I'm not so sure. I know when i replace the Sole-Mate Jr with another reverb, it works fine. Because i do have the signal split in two, both are slightly weaker, but not to this degree. I don't know if it's just a matter of the Jr not liking to be in a split signal.

      I was always intending on buying an Ernie Ball 6165 Stereo Panner, though i don't know if this will eliminate the problem. Being able to slowly go from clean to having distorted reverb & tremolo is a pretty lovely sound, and i'd prefer to keep it that way without having to have the Jr at the front of my chain. That would require quite nifty footwork and not the same result. I'm pretty set on getting this sound, and this is the cheapest way i know of doing it, unless i buy an effects loop type pedal w/ expression control (pigtronix keymaster, etc). I should really just troubleshoot this with Vanamps.

      Anywho, pedal sounds awesome!
      Great dealings with theinteriorleag!


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        Well i've eventually figured it out. I don't know exactly what i did, but now the signal is split in two (one clean, one with the effects), and i use a volume to bring in what i want. Sort of acts like a mix expression for pedals that don't have it. Although the clean signal is always there, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

        Such a simple routing trick yields some awesome sounds.
        Great dealings with theinteriorleag!