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WTF is this? Next level Crab Core???


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  • WTF is this? Next level Crab Core???


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    Shirley, it's a joke?
    Originally Posted by Player99

    No it is not repairable. You need to send the forum to me, and I will throw it away and sell you a new forum at full retail plus shipping. That is your only option.

    Originally Posted by eco1

    i just got fed up with my ****************ing neighbor and shot him a few minutes ago.


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      Get me the cheese grater.
      —-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, friend.


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        Beast of Music Material


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          Oh man, you should also look up Blood on the Dance Floor. I have zero faith in humanity anymore.
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            this band is old news. I'd rather ignore this **************** and pay attention to the stuff I like. For all this ****************, there's plenty of excellent stuff that's come out
            none at the moment

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              i used to think brokencyde was the worst thing i had ever heard in my life and that it was a true sign of the coming apocalypse. but then i heard these guys, eskimo callboy. they really take it up another couple of notches. terrifyingly bad music. be warned: what has been seen cannot be unseen.


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                The guitarist for Attack Attack was interviewed in Guitar World last month. Said he's embarrassed by the "crab core" label. Virtual high five HCFX.


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                  Came here to post this. (Metalsucks!)

                  Holy ****************, Attack! Attack! have nothing on these douche-canoes.
                  Originally Posted by MrNixon

                  Its like a sybian for electric guitars.

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                    level 101 crabcore

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                      Oh god, so bad it's lolwurthy
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                      Originally Posted by Goldenglove:
                      Mojo not needed. A gun, however, would be nice. Or a baseball bat.

                      Originally Posted by TravvyBear:
                      You mean did I preform oral on her? No way bro. We just made out, then I fingered her, then she blew me, then I told her I had to do homework.


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                        The guitarist for Attack Attack was interviewed in Guitar World last month. Said he's embarrassed by the "crab core" label. Virtual high five HCFX.

                        why, we didn't invent the term
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                          why, we didn't invent the term

                          I'm pretty sure the term originated here.


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                            I like how they pile up amps and drum to make it look rock'n'roll.
                            Originally Posted By Trace-P38
                            Flogger wins.

                            Originally Posted by Uma Floresta View Post
                            Because we floggers won the music war some time ago.

                            Originally Posted by Mike Riley View Post
                            Preaching to the choir Rush in on a whole different level to quote a movie You might listen to Rush but you cant here Rush



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                              Just watched that, and now I have to go on a killing spree. ****************.
                              ... puppets jerking on their strings ...