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AC-30 + Fuzz?

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    I'll try my Swollen Pickle through tomorrow. Lstr: Stuck at the nazi Euro-customs

    Shin-Ei: I wish

    The closest I can come to Superfuzz/Shin-Ei tones is with my FZ-2. It'll have to do for now, I'll also give it a try through teh new map tomorrow.


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      In terms of overdrive, I just picked up a Toadworks Lil Leo that sounds lovely. Very different flavour from usual vox overdrive, stacks amazingly with the Shin Ei too.


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        I like Fuzz Face and Tonebender styles my self.
        "People who don't like fuzz weren't around in the '90s, or else they were the kind of kids I didn't wanna hang out with back then" - thom


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          For OD: solidgoldfx Super Drive for 70s marshall tone. I still have tried boosting it to see how heavy it gets though
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              Dispite the mixed reviews online, I'm really like what I hear when using *any* dirt pedal through the AC30. Totally digging the LSTR, it's like a distortion-y muff, much more forgivingn, and it's easier to dial in usefull tones instead if just overly boomy or harsh ones. Cuts through a mix really well too, while still maintaining the famous bmp vibe.

              Currently looking into my options of giving either of my amps a jtm45 tone, looking to try a distortron. I'll leave that for another thread though


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                I'd like to give the LSTR a whirl sometime. I love the Pharaoh, still. Every day I play it, I find some new way to set the fuzz, or to drive it with another dirt/boost pedal. Such a fantastic pedal. Would like to own all of the Black Arts pedals.

                I think I'm going to try the new MXR Modified OD soon too. The clips are really nice, I use an AC15, seems like it should be a good match, probably the same for an AC30 too I would think.