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TC-Helicon voicelive play gtx into a Roland AC-60 - problems?


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  • TC-Helicon voicelive play gtx into a Roland AC-60 - problems?

    I am about to start doing small cafe/coffee house type gigs a lot of which don't have a PA system. I have a Roland AC-60 amp which will have more than enough umph for the venues. I am also about to pull the trigger on a TC-Helicon voicelive play gtx and it is my intention to plug both my mike (obviously) and my electo acoustic guitar into this unit and then out with the guitar going into one channel and the mike into another of the amp. Someone has suggested that there may be a problem with clipping. As I am a bit of a novice with amplified sound and I haven't yet actually bought the voicelive and am anxious to avoid buying a white elephant, can anyone please chime in to let me know if this combo will work or what to watch out for.
    Many thanks
    Cheers Steve

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    I guess that no-one is, never mind guess I will just have to risk it and buy it anyway
    cheers steve
    Cheers Steve


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      I have a roland BA-330- using a Voice harmony gxt - You can plug in xlr mic and controll both the mic and the guitar - or plug bypass directly into the roland- the play gtx works the same...