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Barcelona Spain... What to Do, Where to go?

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  • Barcelona Spain... What to Do, Where to go?

    I'll be playing a festival in Barcelona spain soon, never been... what are some cool places? Must see/do things etc?

    I remember doing a report on the Sagrada Fam

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    Camp Nou today.
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      watch FC Barca lose
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        Camp Nou, yup.
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          Lots of the touristy things are actually pretty rad. The Sagrada Familia (not sure if I spelled it right) is a must see and the other Gaudi stuff as well. The tour buses that go around the city are a good way to see a lot of stuff in a short period of time for pretty cheap, sounded pretty gay to me but I must say it was really enjoyable, you just hop on and hop off at whatever stop you want. I went there for 8 days last summer and basically wandered around and drank and ate. The mercat st. josep la boqueria is a must see as well, a big food market, unbelievable. La Rambla is **************** so stay away from there. Renting bikes is pretty fun too, take them down to the water front and where ever. And yes, Camp Nou is a pretty cool experience as well.


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            ...La Sagrada Famila, Park G
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              La Pedrera, the MACBA, The Fundaci


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                aw fark, the Picasso Museum of course, if you're into Dali head to the Dali museum in Figueres (2hours train)
                the Miro Collection of course (check it, last year part of it was closed for public)
                Museu Nacional d